Beating the Summer Heat šŸŒž (Part I) || Challenge

Hey Hivers/What a gwaan?


Its summertime šŸŒž again and that means that we have to think about activities for the kids including ways to beat the summer heat. If you live alone or have children or grandchildren you are probably thinking the same thing.

Preparing for Hotter Summers
It seems the summers are getting hotter so if the activities you are planning are not indoors, planning morning or late evening outdoor activities might be a good idea.


For instance, this morning we took our boys to a nearby sports park that has a water šŸ’¦ play area among other things.


In years gone by we would have probably left home around 9:00 or 10:00am but this time we arrived at the park at 6:30am and stayed until around 8:00am. As expected, the place was almost empty with only one other family in sight.

Surprisingly it was still a little warm but for the coming days we now realize that it is possible to get there an hour earlier and have the kids enjoy the time with enough time to spare to do other activities during the day.


We also try to keep a supply of cool icy treats in the fridge.
How do you cool down during the summer months?

Beating the Summer Heat Challenge.
Share a picture and comment below. Iā€™m thinking of giving away 3, 2, 1 Hive respectively for comments and pictures with the best ways to cool down and help everyone beat this summer heat.

You have until Monday 9:00pm your time to comment and post your picture.

Stay cool, stay healthy.
All the pictures used in this post were taken with my android phone.

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