Song: "Desert Sand" by UB40 ~ My Today's #APART Reggae Themed Challenge

Happy Irie Tuesday Everyone... 😎 and I hope you are all having a great day, wherever you live in the World!

This publication is my latest original Photo (taken by me) with a complimenting Reggae Song. My latest contribution to the awesome #APART Reggae Themed Music Challenge ✅ Which is expressed in Music with a Song from ©YouTube that relates to my picture below somehow. Exactly how will be revealed as you read through my post. Which will hopefully make you believe that there is truly a Reggae Utopia after all ( A BIG smile... 😎 ).

Always remember: That "YOU TOO" can submit your own unique creation to the "Reggae Themed" Music challenge. Simply use the #APART "Hash Tag" in the [ ReggaeJAHM Community ] on the Hive Blockchain.

That's it Guys and Girls, now please read on...

APART = A Picture 🖼 And Reggae Tune 🎶

For more INFO: Please read the "Challenge Instructions" [here]

  • So let's begin first with my latest APART Picture...


The above picture is of the remote "Sinai Peninsular" desert wilderness behind the luxurious "Marriott Hotel Resort" in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. This was truly a fantastic (2 week) Egyptian Holiday from many years ago, long before Covid-19 messed up everyone's travel plans.

Here's a closer view of the Sinai Desert


I honestly thought it would be really hard to find a song on ©YouTube that compliments my photo for Today's APART Reggae Challenge. However, after searching "sand and desert" themes I found the most perfect track by one of my favorite British bands UB40. This track I have picked is remarkably titled "Desert Sand".
Enjoy some Reggae Awesomeness from a great band... 😎

Uploaded to ©YouTube by User: ©rasams13 (Over 47,000 Subscribers).

  • Music Artist: UB40
  • Song: Desert Sand
  • Album: Promises And Lies
  • Record Label: Virgin, DEP International
  • Country: UK & Europe
  • Song Released: 1993

Video Sourced from ©YouTube [here]

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 00.23.00.png

Above "Screen Shot" Sourced from the #APART Challenge Post [here]

Many Thanks for reading and listening,
and please come again soon to the #ReggaeJAHM Community.
This is meant to be a FUN Music Challenge... So just enjoy...

Please Note: That I now have a brand new account @andy-jahm (only for #JAHM Token Curation) ~ It should be rewarding quality posts very soon in the ReggaeJAHM Community.

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