English Nature Walking While Listening To This Cool Reggae Mix Playlist

The weather Today in England is a little changeable, and being well prepared for rain is what we English are very used to doing. However, it did not rain in the end and I enjoyed a nice walk around my local park lake. Fed some very hungry Geese and made my way back home again.

When I'm out walking, I really enjoy listening to Music on my Apple iPhone. Any genre of Music really, but Reggae is my favorite choice of songs when I'm feeling Irie. There are so many Reggae Mix Playlists on ©YouTube and I have listened to lots of them over the years. The one that I have selected today features some cool tunes for this year 2021.

Happy Irie Tuesday everyone... 😎 and just enjoy the Riddim.... 🎶🎧

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 16.54.43.png

  • A Cool Reggae Music Mix for 2021
    Uploaded to ©YouTube by ©Reggae Music

Track 1️⃣ Laura Reid

Above Music Video (& "Screen Shot" image) both Sourced from ©YouTube [here]

Many thanks for visiting me and please enjoy the friendly #ReggaeJAHM Community ... 😎

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