The Pier in Fort Taber Park

The Pier in Fort Taber Park

I can see people seeing the title of this post starting with the pier, but its not the other pier I have shared photos of recently this is the pier in Fort Taber Park, another spot I love to visit on my early morning walks

Starting with a shot looking out on the pier, you can see its not a wooden pier but a concrete one and quite long, whenever I go for a walk in Fort Taber Park I head out on this pier.

Fort taber Pier.jpg

Sony A7iii 18mm F8 3.2 Sec ISO 100
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Well I used to the last time I visited there it was fenced off with signs closed for repair, not sure what needs repairing but its not the same going there without walking out on it, that said there is still plenty of walkways one can do there while the pier is closed, but lets get back to the pier since that's what I am focusing on for this post

this next shot is taken beside the pier, later on in the morning you can see the early signs of sunrise colors tot he right

Fort taber Pier-2.jpg

Sony A7iii 18mm F11 25 Sec ISO 100
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And as I said I love walking out on the pier, this next shot is from the end of the pier looking back gives another perspective on how long it is

Fort taber Pier-3.jpg

Sony A7iii 28mm F8 10 Sec ISO 100
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and part way out on the pier on a morning we had nice colors

Fort taber Pier-4.jpg

Sony A7iii 25mm F8 1/10 Sec ISO 100
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And another shot, I do love the sunrise colors in these two shots, but really I enjoy this spot whether there is a colorful sunrise or not an early morning walk in the park and out on the pier for me starts the day of well

Fort taber Pier-5.jpg

Sony A7iii 25mm F8 1/5 Sec ISO 100
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And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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