My Splinterlands Fan Art Entry for Week 181 // Furious Chicken

Hello Splinterlanders
I felt kinda creative lately and always saw this fan art contest being held and always trending in Hive, so I felt like giving it my shot too. šŸ˜Š
note that this would be my first ever submission, so please bear with me šŸ˜…

So, without further adieu',

I present to you...

Furious Chicken!!


A splinterlands player simply does not go into battle without renting a Furious chicken beforehand, am I right?
And If you're like me, I occasionally go into battle, pick my lineup, then press battle. And whoops, it then comes to my realization that I forgot to pick the one card I always think of when renting, Furious chicken. šŸ˜‚
So the inspiration for this fan art is I was imagining what my Furious Chicken would have looked like every time I forgot to pick it šŸ˜†
I think I've managed to capture its disappointment and anger, don't you think so? šŸ˜†

Here's the process on how my furious chicken came to be:

First, I made a sketch of my furious chicken,
try to capture my imagination of him, crossing his arms, to show both anger and disappointment šŸ˜…šŸ˜†


Then, I add color. I took copied colors from the original furious chicken to match my own. šŸ˜Š


And lastly, I added in a neat background and a couple of angry gifs, to emphasize anger šŸ˜†
All with the use of Canva


And that's how I did it. šŸ˜Š

Thank you for viewing my entry and I hope I inspire you guys to make splinterlands fan arts too! šŸ˜„



š™½ššŽšš  šššš˜ ššœšš™šš•šš’šš—ššššŽšš›šš•ššŠšš—ššššœ?
š™²šš˜šš—ššœšš’ššššŽšš› ššžššœšš’šš—šš šš–šš¢ šš›ššŽššššŽšš›šš›ššŠšš• ššŠšš—šš š™ø šš šš’šš•šš• ššœššŽšš—šš šš¢šš˜ššž ššŠ šššš›ššŽššŽ ššŒššŠšš›d.šŸ˜Š

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