Partnership and Teamwork

I liked the engagement that my last vlog caused and I would like to share with you the continuation of my business journey... To be more exact, maybe to connect my past with my present and future... OK, maybe I should not write more introduction as it starts to be confusing... lol...

A couple of weeks ago one idea was born about doing something special here on the Hive, and it would involve at least one more person from the "swarm"... The idea is still WIP (work in progress), so nothing isn't taken off the table, but I have to admit that I have some concern about it... Mostly because of my experience from the past...

Let me explain... I had a couple of business (ad)ventures in the past, and most of them were in some kind of co-operation with other people... I like to divide them into 2 groups, teamwork jobs, and partnership jobs...

Actually, at this moment, I work in a team here on the Hive, as a part of the This Is Awesome project, which is run by @flaxz... He is in charge of it, and the team consists of himself, @russellstockley, @pixiepost, and myself... As you can see, the team is fantastic with extraordinary people... Everyone knows exactly its job, and the team works flawlessly... But, I have to underline that we have ONE person who is a creator of the project and the person in charge...

On the other side, partnership jobs are a bit different... It usually consists of two (or more) co-owners that are EQUALLY responsible for everything... As there is no boss, it is a way more complicated to maintain a good relationship and synchronicity between the co-owners...

I had 2-3 businesses where ownership was "split" between more people, and 2 of 3 failed because of the "sync" problems... What do I mean exact, check out in the video...

I hope that this will be helpful for someone out there who is planning to start some partnership business... It's a bit difficult to make it work, but if you succeed, 2 or more brains working for the same cause can make miracles...

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