Torums (XTM) (IDO), Farming Tales Unboxing, & Splinterlands tips


An IDO in crypto terms refers to the launching of a cryptocurrency on a decentralized exchange (DEX). H3ll must have froze over as XTM finally has a initial DEX offering or IDO.

Ill get to he price and details later on in the write up, we also have a Unboxing to get to or a few unboxings as it where. Not to mention some pertinent details regarding new Splinterlands cards.


For those unaware Torum is a blog in much the same vein as Hive, read cash, or publishOx. The major difference is until today 9/14/2021 Torums Crypto wasn't publicly listed or tradeable, In fact it was more or less metaphorical.

What changed was about 1 month ago Huobi Globals tech incubator division Huobi Ventures gave Torum project a cash infusion of $100,000,000. Now the project has finalized & can be traded publicly in the near future.
IDO on Scaleswap
Total raised: $150,000
Token price: $0.06
Pools: Private and Public
Max cap per participant (Private): $400
Max cap per participant (Public): $200 (Update: Whitelist for Public Pool is closed due to enormous amount of applications)
Whitelist Start: September 2 at 8:30pm UTC
Whitelist Close: September 10 at 12pm UTC
IDO Start: September 14 at 12pm UTC
CHAIN: Ethereum & Polygon

IDO on Zendit

Total Raised: $150,000
Token price: $0.06
Pools: Private Sherpa Pool
Max cap per participant: $200 — $1,000
Whitelist Start: September 4 at 12:00pm UTC
Whitelist Close: September 12 at 12:00pm UTC
IDO Start: September 14 at 12pm UTC
CHAIN: Ethereum

Announcement URL:

$XTM Dual IDO Timeline (Expected)

September (UTC)
2nd — Torum IDO on Scaleswap and Zendit announced & Whitelisting starts
2nd to 12th — Whitelisting period (review)
12th to 13th— Whitelisting results announced
14th — Torum IDO Launch on Scaleswap & Zendit at 12pm
15th — Uniswap Listing
Note: All times are in UTC

Project Highlight

Leading social media project with over 97,000 registered users

Backed by Huobi Ventures, the venture arm of Huobi Global
Tier 1 VCs including AU21, Waterdrip Capital, Consensus Lab, M6

NFT Marketplace, Torumgram, NFT Launchpad & Torum Finance

Token Metrics

Ticker: XTM
Blockchain Network: Ethereum, HECO, Polygon & BSC
Token Supply: 800,000,000
Valuation: $48,000,000
Total Raised: $300,000
Initial Token Circulation: 19,092,877 XTM
Initial Market Capitalization: $1,145,573
IDO Vesting Rule: 100% Release at TGE

Great news to those that had adopted this platform & stuck with it, I do believe its not to late but this is why I had my referral included for Torum over the last few weeks.
Not the worst site honestly now that we know the free XTM from the missions is worth $0.06 USD. You can obtain XTM for free by blogging and sharing others work on their platform.

Still active these missions are simplistic like logging in daily sharing and liking others posts ect.
You get some XTM for free by joining
Including Airdrops now and their NFT market will soon be included.
Your incentivized to gift other bloggers
Since this project was so mall before their success I had gotten ahold of some of their team giving my advice on NFT distribution & core focus as for the features.

Taking a page out of WAX & their playbook Torum promised a NFT distribution system like their current gift system.
Some familiar Companies have Torum listings, I have to say that this is a good opportunity for promoting your NFT projects @thelogicaldude.

As Torum is based on BSC and ETH / polygon as are your NFT projects not to mention you do have a company page to post on regardless of if you can log in to it.

Months ago I was overseeing updates on the Torums @weedcash page but I had to go back to work & it was becoming less and less popular here on Hive.

Given Torums rise in popularity this is very advantageous from a advertising perspective, My suggestion is to promote your project through Torum right now.

Even you the typical reader should post your Hive content there as well.

They support Video posts now as well which use to be an issue for many.

Comment your post URL from Torum in the comments ill send you a gift.
You can follow my account if you wish URL below

Legal Leaf NFTs.

Hardly qualifying as news but Legal leaf announced an NFT project launch.
I had NFTs on Open sea a year ago late to the party much

Here's their site
Here's my NFTs on open sea
Dont care enough to sell it

Hash Kings Raid details


Not going to get to far into this but Raids will be the next major update to Hash kings introducing new functions NFTs and use cases. I'm a bit busy today but its worth knowing details in link below.

Farming Tales

I seen this NFT colection climbing the sale charts so I had to check in on it.
Still offering packs for sale here
Since Its basically an NFT farming sim its really simplistic in its design and function. Think NFT farm vile you got this basically, projects like this lack vision so I try to stay away, but This is the other farming NFT colection I ignored at my own peril.
So not wishing to do this twice I bought a pack to see what's up with the Farming tale colection as I'm priced out of farmers world colection.
Probably a mistake but here we are
My $10 starter pack

Unboxing results
Digging the Vespa
That reference is a nerd deep cut

Yeah that pack was a total fail maybe can get $3 out of that $10
They have no active game but maybe assuming I wasn't robbed this will mean NFT generation in the future.

Only assume they robbed me as their twitter link leads to nothing


So awesome right new rewards cards, want some free advice? I am currently buying the older rewards cards why? Simple really supply & demand the reason for the increase in demand is quite simplistic Burn value.
The new ones have half the burn value subsequently that means half the account power.
Account power effects both DEC generation and the SPS airdrop as well as the league tier you can ultimately reach in game.
Meaning that the new rewards cards have less earning potential over all. That's not to say they are not worth having they do have utility value in game.

With new abilities yet to be accounted for they catch players by surprise especially leveled up.
Rentals for a fully leveled up or gold card will likely stay high for a while but given the rate at which they drop not for to long.

Still happy as hell they dropped, everyone should be as this is a sign the next packs cant be far off.

Gladius cases

Quick update ill be buying one of these sooner rather then later, I bought the market level one for my guild by myself. I waited to get enough Merits to buy a pack before I made certain our guilds market was level 2.
As the stage is nearly set after the current guild brawl I will be upgrading our market to level 2.
My guild has really helped out & I'm thankful for our team work as this would get costly entirely out of my pocket.
So yeah like 2 days Gladius Case unboxing cant wait!

Obviously the airdrop today has new Splinterlands cards in it, Though not as valuable in regards to the SPS airdrop, their market value is still high and they are really cool.

First edition

Any one else pay for the first NFTs on the market in game to immediately get them to WAX? You probably didn't think of this or for that matter know this would happen, but the WAX NFTs are minted as the HIVE NFTs are transferred, The original HIVE Splinterlands NFTs are then put on a hold until sent back.

This Is executed via smart contract at the time of transfer minting the corresponding NFT on the WAX blockchain. What all that means is transfer your NFT first get a first edition on WAX.
Off of $0.45 & $1.10, not bad honestly for a quick profit, Why they sell for more who knows my guess is they are exceedingly rare. Given the collections burn use case, & blend use case they are easily lost to time. Making these 1st editions all but priceless in the long run for avid collectors.

Not my only NFT colection with first editions I have 3 verified collections first editions. Well did have 3 until those sold.
Even made another yesterday for fun
Not necessarily special but totally doable with the KOGs collections Chubes currently.

Yeah apparently they are called Chubes what the h3ll ever.

Why bother with Zombie coin?

Yeah its rough around the edges but it is a work in progress which is why this is so nice of them.

The active prizes & leader boards combined with Mine owner fees makes this colection a good example of struggling developers being grateful & giving back to early supporters.
They have recently added many new items & in game functions including Eggs and in said eggs Animal pets.
All I can say is
Going good thus far terrible luck but others are making out like bandits. Despite that every NFT gained increases my position on the leader boards.

Crypto Monkeys


This collections curve ball caught me by surprise but its not to hard to take part, free I might add provided you dont loose your visa by logging in weekly to upland.
The official site is the best way to take part simply get your WAX and upland account linked as the instruction above outline (Easy)
Once done click the link for the closest in game property to your position in game it will take you right to the aforementioned property.
Log in & click send the game will send your avatar there if your in range for a fee of several UPX (which they give you for free).

Visiting multiple properties increases your odds of NFTs being distributed to you.

People looking to get the most possible from the Upland metaverse do the following.

  1. Join or log in to womplay

Playing Upland through the Womplay service can generate the following NFTs + EOS on top of the WAX crypto MonKey NFTs, & upland UPX + property EOS NFTs.
Meaning using all 3 services simultaneously gets you 3x the NFTs and rewards all for free.

2 . Play upland by initializing it from your womplay dash board
3 . Link your WAX and upland account, then visit highlighted Crypto MonKey properties.

That's 3x the NFTs all free your welcome.

Further more the MonKeys if generated or purchased can be used to farm more NFTs, In addition to being able to mine them through alien worlds on select plots.

From a technical stand point this entire colection is free if done correctly.
Popularity is off & on but they are the first WAX colection in the Upland meta verse besides their own.

Reptilium genesis?

Random NFT colection I cam across on Cait

With its own staking burn blend use case and crypto I thought why not look into it. Bought a pack now lets see what the h3ll is in it.
Not great but what they call a $15 pack I got for maybe a 1/3 that as I have been waiting for price crashes on both $NEFTY & CAIT.

So I basically broke even, weird the mouse is worth the most, odder still I'm not talking about Disney.

Triger a Tip bot get a NFT

Given the rise of popularity of my NFT airdrops & Since there are a few forms of Hive crypto which you can trigger a bot to distribute via a command.
Why not do a secondary airdrop for those that want to participate simply trigger one of the (Tip bot HIVE alts) In the comments followed by your WAX wallet address.

Once I'm aware you have done so I will send a verified NFT for every coin triggered.
A list of some of the HIVE alts with this function.

For any 1 of these received I will send 1 NFT to the specified WAX address. No limits trigger as many as you want Ill send a NFT for each.
It may take a while but I will respond once the NFT(s) are sent to verify I have done so.

Air drop URL

In every post I airdrop WAX NFTs via a URL which can be claimed by the first lucky reader to click it, after its claimed once the link will no longer be active. If your the lucky reader that claims the airdrop please let other readers know in the comments it helps.
For certain this is the first ever airdrop with those splinterlands NFTs.

Dont forget if your the lucky reader to let the other readers know in the comments it helps. Also If you have any comments or questions about todays write up let me know in the comments.

When my posts do well airdrops get better so please re blog, like, comment, and subscribe to get more large airdrops just like this one.

Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.

My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily
Free WAX game play to earn
BSC ALT tipping Social media platform
Hive direct payout
WAX alt direct pay out
WAX & HIVE indirect pay out
Play to earn BTC ETH DOGE

Want to stop buy my WAX NFT colection?

With over 1,300 White listed NFTs 1,000s of which are for sale feel free to check out my inventory here.

Or submit a trading request here no guarantee I see it though they have not fixed alerts.

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