The Hive NFT boom, tribes I discovered thus far


You may have noticed some price spikes going on with Hive alts, SPT being one of the most obvious. If your unaware as to why, the answer has a great deal to do with NFTs. Since NFTs are my specialty, I have been checking HIVE Tribes to see if they launched NFTs.

In this write up ill give you readers an Idea of NFTs on Hive their history and how they have vastly improved over the last year.

Bit of a backstory

Around a year now I have been focused primarily on NFTs, I also tend to prefer HIVE over most other blockchains. That being said I haven't produced NFTs on HIVE blockchain as of yet.

Blockchains on which I have produced NFTs include WAX, ETH, BSC, XTZ, have attempted EOS, & put in a application for TT. HIVE my fascination has been more on the collector side of things though.

So given I have been researching this topic a year now I feel as though I have a fairly good understanding of Hive. As in what NFTs it has had in the past and how that differs from what's happening now.

In the beginning

At first you had game connected NFTs mostly like Splinterlands, Dcity, Exode, Rising Star, Hash Kings (new), & Crypto Brew Masters being the most note worthy. I am aware there are more HIVE games but honestly I see no reason to mention them.

From Dcity sprang up NFT showroom A place on HIVE blockchain for independent artists and content creators to post their work as a HIVE NFT.

I applied to do so but they asked for a sample of my work I do this for answers mostly so I declined to save them the trouble.

Next we have 2 collections of note that for whatever reason just didn't take off. NFT DeFi is the new big thing in the world of NFTs. What if I told you that NFT DeFi isn't something new, but in fact Hive had 3 NFT collections doing this for at least a year now.

Dcity is one such NFT colection though the other two are relatively unheard of &


On Mythical or Farm Farmer you buy NFTs stake them and earn crypto.
Based on probability you would generate their base crypto

Eventually either colection would allow you the user change the projects respective governance.

Truly Dcity and Mythical as well as Farm Farmer where ahead of their time. Given many NFT collections now are trying to replicate this model it baffles me they still haven't had their time to shine.

Several NFT secondary markets have popped up as well including but not limited to NFTmart
Monster Market / Peakdmonsters
There are more markets but I dont have all day, this more or less is where Hive NFTs stalled out for a while.


Currently we are experiencing something unprecedented with HIVE NFTs Tribes (Blogs) have began to produce and sell NFTs on their respective site. Most notable of which is splinter talk SPT.
These mark the first official Splinterlands NFTs outside their Game.
Of which I'm now a proud owner
Though Splinter talk is one of the more popular thus far its far from the only Tribe with NFTs now. I may miss some but so far I found NFT pages on.
Though still in development Hive List has a market which appears to be more advanced then the others due to the external wallet pairing option.


While I'm sure I missed some, these sites all have NFT markets active exception being Hivelist which is considerably more advanced so that is understandable.

Not only are they active but they are taking whitelisting applications for NFT producers. You got a talent or skillset that can be tokenized? Well this could be a great opportunity for you, find a tribe that fits the subject matter with a NFT market and presto fans and funds all in one place.

SPS Airdrop test

Yesterdays write up I discussed finding the SPS airdrop & its relation to certain Diesel pools.
Fairly certain the culprits in question are the liquidity pools in the image above.
Why does this matter, simple there are now Tokens that before this did not apply to the airdrop that with these liquidity pools now do.
See what I'm getting at here SPS can be used I believe for their SPS airdrop. Now that is a shocking development to say the least.

Currently I'm working on getting some champion points via guild brawls. I bought my guilds market myself to test this out personally, I'm so excited.

What I would like to see

NFTs on Hive front ends is revolutionary, I have a few questions regarding their functionality. Though in the short term I would be happy to see the following.

NFT markets for Proof of Brain, Ecency, Leo Finance, Weed Cash, AENEAS blog, PIZZA, & Natural Medicine.

Regarding functionality I will have to get ahold of a DEV, but I have a few suggestions. Assuming the NFTs function similar to an alt coin on Hive couldn't ownership grant special access or functionality.

Like for instance you could have a similar set up to the tribes store coupon system for those that stake enough of that tribes crypto. Theoretically if possible you could have this work both ways for special requirements being met such as a staking requirement generating either discounts or exclusive access to NFTs.

I know that in and of itself is a large task to ask of someone, but in the event that the NFTs do function similar to Hive crypto could they Mine like staked assets or be paired with Bot functionality.

By bot functionality I mean distribution in the way !PIZZA or !BEER functions.

Call this section just my first impression of these NFTs, & what Hive already offers. How this can be utilized to have an advantage over the other NFT markets.


Quick list of links to mentioned projects

May have missed a few but I think this is most of them

Trigger a bot for a NFT

Given the rise of popularity of NFTs & how popular my airdrops have been becoming I had a thought

There are a few forms of Hive crypto which you can trigger a bot to distribute via a command.

ENGAGE Engagement Token

Take the ones listed above for example, as far as I know this isn't a direct violation of their function & I apologize if it is if so please correct me in the comments.

So assuming there isn't a reason as to why this can not be done simply comment the bot command and your WAX wallet address on any of my posts.

Once I am aware its been commented ill send you a Verified colection WAX NFT, then ask that you have received it in a response.

By verified I mean that the company producing said NFT has been verified by the WAX support staff.
So like the big name brand collections in a manor of speaking
Given I have amassed a legitimate WAX NFT colection numbering in the thousands & Hive seems to be shifting towards NFTs.

A project like this seems like it would benefit both parties the HIVE ALTs and WAX NFTs respectfully.

How you utilize and obtain these Cryptocurrencies I have listed can be found on Hive engine in the respective coins description.
You receive WAX NFTs via a WAX wallet, to get a WAX wallet I suggest their cloud wallet you just sign in with google, twitter, reddit, & a number of other social media accounts you likely already have.

This will be an active airdrop so to speak unless I can no loner continue to facilitate this service. At any point should a change arise I will notify readers in advance.

Single claim NFT airdrop URL

This is a airdrop of 6 NFTs on a first come first serve basis and can only be claimed by a single lucky reader. If you the lucky one that receives the airdrop and there is less then 6 NFTs check you WAX wallet white list settings. These will still be in posts as always, but if your never here on time you can participate in the airdrop outlined above.
Bad photo but that KOG is a foil version
Once claimed please let the other readers know in the comments it helps.

When my posts do well airdrops get bigger so please re blog, like, comment, and subscribe to get more large airdrops just like this one.

Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.

My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily

Prospectors topping the NFT sale value for 3 days now also a free to play game check it out at the link below. BTW they have roulette so the Martingale system works here however no site reward and its not a large project so doing this could be detrimental. this game is free it makes real crypto give it a shot its not bad honestly you can make quite a bit on it.

more free WAX games, rewarding free NFTs/Crypto
Rising star is a totally free HIVE game no input for steady output my kind of investment.
Oh I guess now Torum to

Thunder Token is free to mine off a phone app & recently it was bridged with BSC as well as being Bridged with ETH already so its currently shooting up in value. You can still produce it for free here's my referral link.

HIVE games

Faucet with immediate payout to wallet


WAX alts

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