Announcing "Hive Voice" : A Project Dedicated in Introducing Hive to the Masses


Hive finally has a Voice

Just kidding. We all promote Hive all over the internet through various initiatives but wouldn't it be cool if we had a place to share our #Promo-Hive ideas and initiatives?

That's where Hive Voice comes in

After some long talks with fellow Hivers, we decided to create the Hive Voice Community.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple yet necessary if we want to see Hive Thrive!
Since Hive is completely decentralized and there is no foundation behind Hive to do the "dirty job" of promoting our blockchain to the masses, we Hivers need to take matters into our hands and promote our blockchain outside of our "Hive Bubble".

Through organized initiatives and advertisements in other social media platforms as well as physical meet ups, festivals and lectures, we aim to bring Hive to people's attention, onboard users and educate them about our blockchain and it's potential.

More about our plans and our first Hive initiative will be available at our next post.
Now it's time to ...

Meet the Team


Marios is a 38 years old scholar from Thessaloniki, GR who recently discovered Hive and fell in love with the idea of decentralization on social media.

About Marios

Festival Organizer
Records Organizer (4 Guinness World Records)
Dance School Owner (School of Dance, Patras GR)
Art Director
Graphic Designer

Marios Communities on Facebook

School of Dance

World Records Greece

Patras Dance Festival


@knowhow92 (or Haris) is a 28 years old online hustler from Ioannina,GR. With more than 2 and a half years of experience on Hive, he sure knows how things work around here.

About Haris

Professional Skateboarder
SkateHive Skateboarding Community Organizer
Full-Time Hiver
Filmer/Video Editor

Haris on Social Media




Eleni is a 27 years old general practitioner from Tripoli GR and Cyprus and a member of FFN (

About Eleni

Medical Studies
Oriental Dancer
Oriental Fitness TM Programm Instructor

Eleni on Social Media



More Details Coming Soon

Our first action as a group will be announced at the beggining of September.
It will be a very powerfull opener for the line of work we plan on doing on Hive.
Stay tuned and get ready to get psyched.

Do you have a proposal on how we can communicate Hive outside our BOX?
Do you want to lead a project and feel the thrill of promoting Hive?
Do you wanna be part of our running projects?
Contact us if you are an active person and you want to help pushing Hive to the masses.
All awesome ideas are welcome

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You can share your #Promo-hive idea in our Hive Voice Community and we will be more than happy to communicate with you and see how we can help.

Follow our official blog

All our announcements will be shared at our official blog (@hive-voice) so make sure you give us a follow and stay tuned. Something HUGE is coming.

Thank you all for taking the time reading this post.
We are really serious about what we are trying to do here and any support is welcome.
Greetings to every #Hiver and keep an eye for our new updates.

@Hive-voice Team 2020, all rights reserved


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