Do You Believe Poetry Can Be Spiritually-Healing & Change Your Life?


As a reader, and writer, I'm biased. I think of artists as mystics, even prophets of the Unseen. I think poets are light-workers and feel privileged to be featured in this new book and upcoming book launch.

January 31st — 7pm GMT:

Poetry Anthology Online Book Launch representing the poetic world view of reflective contemporary Muslim poets.

A free evening of verse exploring topics of love, loss, identity and faith. If you or friends might be interested, please, visit this link, below:

In our deeply divided and suffering world, I view this as a peace project, and bridge-building, bringing together the voices of 80 Muslim poets from diverse backgrounds

Poets appearing in this anthology are seekers, teachers, artists, parents, and activists, from every continent and spanning generations.

Their collective experiences take us on a journey through London, New York, Istanbul, Fez, Damascus and Mecca — in mosques and at sacred sites, in deserts, mountains and under towering redwoods— in heart-opening moments of connection.

Half of the profits from this publication will go to charity to provide food and clean water to those in need.

Here's a peek between the covers, where I read 2 of my 11 poems included in this noble book: