2021.01.24 Today's report from Cpt. Mike.

Well. Finding words to speak from the Bridge are, as always, hard to come by at first. I have been commanding this ship called Collective for a few seasons now. We went through many seas to stop moving, here in this pond. We have been sitting here on the edge for a while, I can say. Under the waters are vicious predators that we would prefer not to disturb. We have been sending scout ships in every direction. We follow the movement of the banks underneath the surface. The healing chambers are running at full capacity. Everything moves smoothly in that department. Engineering is up and getting busy. Sounds like we have made up our minds somewhat on where to start. There is a general direction everyone focuses on. I am expecting to see creative wonders coming from my brothers and sisters from that department. Over in Science, we are much more quiet, aren't we? A great silence has come upon that department. Mother Nature will find a way to surprise us and illumination will follow.

Me, I am standing here on night shifts, reading your reports and data. I am recording it all methodically with hopes to not use them in the future. No offence.

My conclusion reading them is the following; it does seems like this is the last station. We are going under from here or upward. There is no more forward to reach. Stay afloat is the order of the day. It was a crazy ride getting here but I may not use hold patterns to anticipate what is coming.

On a final dramatic note, be in faith but do not trust a hope.
Hope is a tricky bastard.

I will speak again,
I am Michael.

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