Om Bhagavan mantra

This is one of the mantras i sometimes sing after my morning meditation and yoga practice, but i hadn't sung it for a while.

This afternoon i sat down between the pear trees in my garden, preparing to record something else (which requires sime vulnerability and courage from me), then i decided to chant Maha mantra to help me prepare. But instead i spontaneously began to sing this. As i had tripod and camera set up, i stopped singing, pressed record and began again.

i learned this song from the album Let Nothing Remain by Omkara.
The Bhagavan to whom it is refers (not that there is more than one) is Sri Ramana Maharshi. Despite having left his body many years ago, thousands still visit the Ramana ashram in Tiruvanamalai in India, where he is still present.

Sat Nam

Video recorded using Redmi Note 9 Pro

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