Evolve is necessary and has nowhere to run.


Life is inevitable, it always resists and it always returns, taking whatever time it is. Time is only a concern for mortals, not for eternity: It creates life and destroys it through death, repeatedly, tirelessly.

Billions or trillions of years of separation and coagulation made us who we are, evolved from primitive beings to rational beings, trying to understand all this as a monkey amazed by its own reflection in the water, in the continuous alchemy of Becoming.

We are a complex order that is only improbable in our own mortal limitations of time. Not in eternal time. In eternal time everything is possible and the most improbable one hour happens. Even if "God" played dice, he would eventually get millions of perfect matches.

But natural selection doesn't just work by chance. It is as if the dice become addicted and those who get 6 repeat this result, while the others are eliminated. So giving a 6 is the fate of the die, in essence.
Likewise, evolving is our destiny. Because the evolved survive, the rest fall into misery and oblivion.

If we don't go forward, we will return. But you don't want to go against the grain! You evolved trying to escape from what you had back there ... returning is not an option. "The Universe" has already taken firm steps to prevent this from happening. This is the essence of your Karma.

And there is no way to stop it, standing still at the end is no different than going back… it is like the financial market, in the long run there is no stability. Either it's going up, or it's going down.

Evolving is the only possible way out. Swallow and digest the complex intelligence that surrounds us. So that we grow stronger. There may be no end, there may be no final answer. But only by living evolutionarily can we discover and understand this, while shaping the world in Our Image.

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