Oatmeal Services Announced

Do you want me to write you an article? Do you want me to make you a meme? Do you want me to make you an Encouragement Article (EA)? Do you want me to write you a song? Do you want me to make you a video? Do you want me to make you something else? Anything else?

These are some of my services that I may be offering. Depending on demand and everything else, we may be able to negotiate fees. Perhaps we negotiate a trade. Maybe I'll give you something in exchange for whatever you got that I might want. I encourage other people to offer up their services too for the world. Join me in this endeavor.

Please make your requests in my group on Discord.

I recommend you go there and suggest what you might want. I make no promises as to when or even if I may accept your requests or not. Perhaps I already did and you just don't know it yet. Maybe you want me to make cute cat videos. I might start with showing the cat videos I already have. That's one example of what I may have to offer for my goods and services. Also, if I did make you a cat video, I might still share that video on my YouTube, TikTok, etc. I mean unless if we negotiate a special deal where I don't have the right to share the video everywhere. But my default position is if I make you a video, then it's my video too. Meaning I may still share it for the world to see. So, I'm simply announcing that I'm offering my services for the world. Now, I've been offering up my services to the world since like 1995 back when I was drawing castles for other kids in the ghetto. Around 2001, I started making Encouragement Articles (EA) for the world, that started off as like Yu-Gi-Oh! like playing cards and then became articles.

So, make your requests in my group on Discord or perhaps find me other places too. Good luck.

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Oatmeal Services Announced
Oatmeal Daily - 2023-09-02 - Saturday | Published in September of 2023


Some of my services may include:

  1. Articles
  2. Videos
  3. Memes
  4. Encouragement Articles (EA)
  5. Drawings
  6. Organizing
  7. Audio
  8. Music
  9. Advice
  10. Building things
  11. Research
  12. Creativity
  13. Uniting people
  14. Networking
  15. Helping people find what they're looking for
  16. Etc

The following is just me ranting random things. I apologize for typos, spelling errors, bad grammar, etc. I may not have enough time right now to list all the services I may be offering. I also need help with many things. I don't even have time to talk about all of that. I don't have time to really introduce myself right now if you are new here. I have been offering up my services for like decades since the 1990s, I was born in 1985 in Oregon. So, I'm already doing it. I'm already offering up my services for the world. Now, I am buried in projects already. So, it may be tough for me to take on new projects, I mean new requests from people. Perhaps I can delegate orders to other people. I am in the middle of so many projects. I feel like I am so busy with a million things. I feel like I cannot even type out this very short article here that you are reading. I know everybody can't read every word of every article I write or listen to every second to every video that I put out. Well, especially since YouTube deleted over 10K+ videos which means you may never see some of those videos. So, because of that, it might be easier for people to take me out of context and lie about me. Because there is so much about me out there. So, I want to spend more time debunking the fake news about me. But at the same time, I should prioritize at least some of my time to making things for people as well because I can't always be on the defensive. I got to play offense too. So, if you continue reading, I talk a little bit about what I'm thinking about all of this. But there is always more. So, this is just a small taste of what I'm trying to say and what I'm trying to do, to be continued, thank you for reading.

The purpose of this post is to announce I'm opening up my services to the world. However, no promises. My services may be free as long as overall demand is too low. In other words, if too many people are demanding too much, then I may choose to auction my services to the higher or highest bidders. However, as a moral and legal disclaimers, I make no guarantee or promises as to whether or not when or if I'll grant every request let alone respond. I may not have time to respond. I may not want to respond. But it depends on the demand. It depends on the request. If I get a request, I may or may not consider them. I am not promising anything. But I do want to be open to suggestions, requests, feedback, orders, questions, answers, advice, concerns, theories commentary, feedback, thoughts, feelings, legal advice, health advice, economic advice, financial advice, criticism, opinions, facts, evidence, predictions, hints, clues, praise, hate mail, love, etc. I may or may not be able to look at everything that everybody is saying all of the time but I do want to at least try sometimes. This article here may not necessarily be my official announcement for what I'm offering.

I want to offer my services to the world. My number one service is my ability to write. Second to that is my ability to design. Third, my ability to draw. Fourth, my ability to organize. Fifth, my ability to make videos. Sixth, my ability to make memes and art in general. Seventh is within my ability to research. Eighth is in my ability to network, to bring people together, to raise awareness of things. And the list goes on and on. My main service is that of writing and everything that might be connected to that. I could probably list many different services as in my talents, gifts, skills, abilities, etc. Some of them might be sub-categories of more general topics stemming from main goods and services.

This article may suck as an advertisement for what I might be able to offer. But I wanted to throw this into the universe kind of thing. The idea is that I should spend some time making things for people regardless of whether or not I'm compensated for my time, work, energy, resources, and everything, or not. Again, it depends on whether or not I can do it, whether or not I want to do it, whether or not I have time to do it, which may depend on demand and everything else, many factors, variables, issues, questions, nuance details, to consider for sure. I'm making no promises as to when or if I may do things for people. But then again, I'm always trying to do things for people. So, in some ways this web page goes without saying in that I'm already offering my services for the world. But I wanted to still make an official announcement regarding all of this to let new people know. I should highlight this more. I should make better videos about it. I should make websites about all of this. I should make memes and photos highlighting and summarizing these things and more. I'm just dumping all of this onto the Internet just to make it real. But then again, it has already been real for a long time. Around 1995 when I was like ten years old (or whichever year it was), I was drawing castle pictures for people in the ghetto (I forget if Belinda and Cynthia paid me or not). At least by 2001 or 2003 (age 18), that is twenty years ago, I was making these Encouragement Articles (EA) for people at high school and for my youth groups at churches. These EA products started off like Pokemon playing cards, they were partly inspired by Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! So, I may consider making more for people who want them. Eventually, during high school, the EA became articles I typed out and handed off to people. It became popular. Other people started asking me to make some for them. For years, I would make EAs for people at least through into 2008. After that, not so many. But this is an example of a major service I've provided for the world.

I wanted to also announce a transition from excessive scouting meaning I should try to spend less time trying to draw people into my world. Roy Merrick said I was screaming into the microphone which I really was doing at a Salvation Army Youth Council around 2008 when I was with Revolution Hawaii. Roy sent me soap, a book, socks, and shirts. The Roy merch could attract people in. However, my concern is what if Disneyland is not built yet? I mean, Oatmeal Land might be too underdeveloped meaning the marketing might be a bridge unto nowhere. One question I've had is what might come first, the oatmeal chicken or the oatmeal egg. Like, I want to draw people into seeing my content. However, my content may not be ready for the world to see kind of thing. But then again, I don't know. But long story short, I may have tried too hard to advertise myself since at least 2004, which was 19 years ago, which is when I started blogging on Xanga which was like MySpace and Facebook. I ran around the Internet for years begging people to send me friend requests. I ran around so many social media networks, video platforms, blockchain blogs, forums, email, etc, begging people to add me. Now, to be clear for the record, to be archived everywhere, I'm still running around on Facebook etc asking people to add me. But my announcement here is I need to do it less and less as I get older. Perhaps maybe stop doing it altogether. Perhaps spending time offering my services to the world may be a form of marketing, of self cross promotion. Maybe offering up my services is a more effective way of plugging. That's food for thought. So, I am considering transitioning into doing some things different in my life both online and offline. I have been making some transitions already gradually over the years. I may not always talk about what those changes are but you may begin to see what they might be eventually.

I want to inspire other people to offer up their services for the world as well. My services may be free or it may cost some money. I basically want to negotiate my services, the fees therein, I want to take it at a case by case basis. If it's free, I would argue that the goods and services therein remain copyright free as in copyleft. In other words, say for example, if you asked me to write an article on the history of headphones for free, I might write the article. I might send it to you. But I might also post on my blogs and websites. That's the general rule. If I sign a contract with you promising I will not publish the article on my own sites and what not, then perhaps I should abide assuming the contract or whatever is fair, legal, and everything else. So, in other words, the default position I take is if I write you an article or draw you a picture, then it is still basically mine. But you get a copy. And I may distribute copies as I deem fit. We might negotiate in specific cases where you demand I sign a contract stating I can't distribute copies. So, we will see.

So, basically, I'm announcing that I'm taking on even more projects as in requests from anybody and everybody. Problem with that is I'm already buried in half-finished projects going back years. So, can I really take on even more work? The answer is that it all comes down to priorities. And I think we might be able to compromise a bit. Say for example, if one of my projects was making a video of cute cats and you sent me a request for the same thing, then we got ourselves a shared interest. This would be an opportunity to hit two birds with one stone. So, I may be looking for opportunities like that. On the other hand, if I already have a video of cute cats, which actually I started making a series about cats in 2001 and I called it Cat's Life starring Honey Cat and her children. So, say if I already had that, which I do, then another compromise would be for me to give you or show you what I already have. However, you may be interested in a new video of cats. So, that's where the back and forth negotiating begins.

I want to encourage other people to do this too in my group on Discord and in my other groups and my communities and hubs and websites and everything else.

I want to try to help connect people with other people and resources more and more. I want to help organize things to help people find people and things. I want to help people connect the dots and everything else too. I have a long list of things I try to do in life. I may somewhat fail at times. I may be wrong at times. I may cause harm at times even as my intention is to help. I can talk all day about what I do. Well, actually I do spend all day every day talking about what I have done in my life. It is so tough to summarize. I want to try to better summarize what I do for people to get a better picture of who I really am and what I really do.

I apologize, I'm sorry when I hurt people. I do try to talk about that sometimes. My intentions are to help. But I sometimes try too hard to change the world for the better, making the world greener one oatmeal at a time.

I'm not going to take the time to list all potential services or projects I might offer. I should put out an even better resume, a portfolio of my work experience, a list of references, former employers, coworkers, friends, associates, family, customers, other people, other things, places, dates, links, sources, proof, evidence, my vocational history, my education, a timeline of actions I've taken in my life, videos I made, memes I created, articles, I published, drawings, etc. I was trying to build Mea Omnia in 2011, that was supposed to be like Elon Musk's everything app, like the Twitter X website, like an all in one social media place to compete with social media, banking, video, photos, forum, emails, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, etc. I may have failed as that website did not take off. It failed. But I am a computer person. I can do web design. I can write. I can draw. I can organize. I can act. I can film. I can create. I can build. I can do many things and I have in my life. So, I do try to pay it forward in life. As I get older, I try to strategize, I try to prioritize my workload. It's tough especially as people had police swat us. I probably shouldn't even talk about that because they want us to talk about that. I got bomb threats which is credible because they know where I live. They even have my SSN. I should put out more articles and videos talking about that. Sometimes people die during police raids and swats. Some people think I'm bad or whatever. I should spend more time debunking fake news about me. I need more support from people who believe in what I do. But it's tough as I rarely summarize who I am. Like I'm not even summarizing myself that well in this article for example. I'm choosing to be extra wordy in this post as I'm still trying to lay the groundwork foundation to my vision for potential future companies and organizations and groups and projects and websites and ministries and agencies and churches and clubs and unions and everything else that I may want to start. So, I just want you to know that some people may think I'm crazy. There are many reasons why they may think this and I do not do myself any favors when I joke around and say ok I am crazy. I mean I found it funny that I can scam people by acting silly in TikTok videos and people will think I'm retarded and everything.

I talked a little bit about the 2022 Snapchat fake news that is going around, I posted spicy content on my wall. People shared the content in groups and later to Discord. People started lying by saying I posted the content to their groups. The content was a sequel to Spaceman & Diaper Boy which was a movie I was in back in 2009.

So, Snapchat 2022 is an example of fake news that I have to continue to try to debunk. It takes a lot of work debunking lies and fake news and disinformation and misinformation and everything else. I need help not just with debunking lies but also with introducing myself to the world. So, I need help with putting out introduction videos and articles and websites and memes and everything else. I need links and web pages and I need shirts and I need so many things to help market the real Oatmeal Joey Arnold to the world as my public image and the first impressions people get of me is messy and many different things. I could take hundreds of hours explaining why it is that way. Believe me when I say it is a very long story. I apologize as there are probably many typos in this article. Bad grammar. Many things. I am just letting you know I want to try to do things for people more often. Maybe I set aside and devote one hour each day or every month to writing articles for people. I don't promise to commit an exact number of hours for every month. I want to be open to making those decisions on the spot. I am juggling so many things. I do need help with everything. So many things. We don't have time to talk about all the things. So many things. You have no idea. I would struggle to list all the things. You have no idea. There is a lot on my mind. My thoughts are going a million miles an hour a million different places simultaneously. It's insane. I always have more to say. This article is not really finished. It can't be. I can barely give you an incomplete rough draft outline preview trailer that is probably not accurate enough. I will not kill myself. I will not commit suicide. I say this because people lie and say otherwise. So, this is for the record. I try to archive things on different websites for the record. I want to try to spend less time doing some things. Like I don't want to spend too much time trying to market myself. Maybe if you helped me advertise my stuff, I might plug myself less often. Well, it depends on what is more efficient and effective. So, I've spent hours each day marketing myself for many years. Like I said, I started marketing myself online as early as 2004 on Xanga or in some ways since like 1997 via AOL and Yahoo say for example. So perhaps it goes back to 1997 or earlier. But especially since 2004. So, I'm not saying I spent five hours everyday since like 2006 asking people to add me. Sometimes it's only once a week or once a month. But sometimes it may be a few minutes each day. Maybe a few hours or longer depending on the day. I would try to market myself on and off on many websites over the years. This article is here to say perhaps there are better ways to market. And do you market Oatmeal World before there is an Oatmeal World? Good question. So, we can debate all these questions until the oatmeal cows come home.

I should try to make better articles and videos and everything else talking about my services and projects. But it's so hard to summarize. I'm in the thick of it. I still feel like I don't know myself well enough to make a complete summary of what I do and what I try to do. I get distracted by the fake news people spread about me. A lot of defamation going around. So, this is more a rough draft summary of what I'm thinking. I don't know how it is all going to work out. It's all a work in progress, so we will see depending on many factors and things that are ongoing and unpredictable all over the place.

So, these are ONLY some of my thoughts regarding offering some or all of my services to the world. I should offer to like write books too. I have so many different services I might want to offer up for the world to have. Let me know what you want me to do. Please offer up your services too. Chat with us in my group on Discord, thank you very much.

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