Why do we sometimes feel we are far from God?

Why do we sometimes feel we are far from God? (Part 1 of 2)

This is what I understand from this Brother Eli's video:

God is never far from anybody. The book of Acts 17:27 makes us to know that God is not far from anyone of us. He knows and watches us. He has the capacity to know everyone even more than a computer recognises the fingerprints of thousands of employees in a company.

In Job 37:7, we see that our God sealed up the hand of every man. If a computer can recognize such a hand, how much more the One that made that hand?

John 2:24 lets us to know that our Lord Jesus Christ knows all men. This by implication means that God knows everyone of us.

God is reachable. He feels for us as He knows our emotions and passions. He knows our weaknesses according to Psalms 103:14. If he remembers that we are dust, how can he not feel for us?

Really, sometimes someone may be near us yet, he seems far away.

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