Mass indoctrination day 6. 9/1/2023


Thinking about sin is a sin even before you do it, so forgive your brother if you want to be forgiven then pray for the ones that sin against you. If you love your brother, you won't have anything against him if he win against you and your sin just first be confessed to God.

If we admit our sin, we shall be forgiven and if you see your brother comiting sin, pray for them, pray to God so they may be healed.

God is not hard to listen to you, don't pray in repetition, if you pray with good heart, God would answer your prayers. God is happy when we pray to Him.

God answer the household in heaven and the household of God is the church of the living God; the piller and ground of the truth and it's not the house made with block and cement or the one made by hand 👐

Contend with what you have a day is coming that you would be eating good food if you are eating dry fish now.

No problem is bigger than God, just ask in faith, pray without doubting. The solution for Christians is prayer, supplications and thanksgiving


Since God sees our mind, not our actions, so He knows what we have in mind, God is not human being that doesn't sees mind, He is able to see our mind and our heart, so if you are thinking of something, even before you do it, God is already aware but He is so patient till extend that He would let you do it, even if you want to hurt your fellow men and the sin would be written for you, so it's good to always think positive, not negative because all negative thoughts towards your fellow men is not fair, having negative thoughts towards yourself is not even good because you didn't own yourself, God own you, you belong to God.

It's good to confess, feel guilty and know that what you did is not good then promise God that you won't do it again then God would forgive you, but you don't need to go back to your sin after you have beg for forgiveness because it's a waste of time comiting the same sin begging for forgiveness again and again.

When you pray, you don't need to repeat your prayers or pray the same prayer in another time because God is not hard to hear, He can hear more than quadrillion of people at a time, let your prayers be simple and say it once, He would definitely answer your prayers but that is if you obey His commandments.

Live with the little that you have and God would add more when you have contentment, eat the little, you would eat the bigger one later when you have money.

As a Christian, our only solution is prayer, just pray to God no matter how much the problem is.

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