Mass indoctrination day 2. 16/05/2022


Only the Apostles can be a witness of the Lord Jesus Christ because they saw some of His wondrous work, so who are those that call themselves Jehovah witness when they didn't witness anything.

The Church written in the Bible is the church of God, it's called by the name of the owner; God. Everything that belong to God is called by the name of God.

The name of God is a tower 🗼 which which you can run to and be saved. You shouldn't worship what God put under you. We are more powerful than the animals.

According to science, we belong to the animal kingdom but we are superior to them. We can tame them.

Which one is better, is it church of of God or the church of Lutheran or the church of England? Ask yourself.

If you fear God, you would do righteousness and you would be accepted by God

In the Church, singing is a commandment, so we should sing.

What I learnt

The Jehovah witnesses doesn't know anything about God, so why do they call themselves witness when they didn't know anything about God, they are not even the Apostles that witness the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A man worshipping what God put under him like animal, stone, plants tree doesn't think, he should know that we shouldn't worship what we can tame, what we have brain more than, despite the fact that God made us to be superior than them, so why did we worship them?

By singing, we are giving praises to God, we are giving glory to God, we are worshipping Him and that is what He demand from us, the second thing he demand from us is being good to our fellow men.

The church of God is the original church, we don't have to pray or worship in the church name by the builder. Example is Lutheran Church, the England church ect.

Only if you fear God you can do what he command us to do and if you obey His commandments, he will then accept us.

How the teaching impacted my life

Only the church of God is the real church because it's name by the owner, just like Lutheran Church is named by the originator and the Church of God is where we should worship.

We shouldn't worship the idol and the animal because we are superior to them, God made them for us.

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