Mass indoctrination day 1. 28/11/2022


If we listen to other doctrine that is not of Christ, it's an implications. Let us begin to study the doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The first doctrine is Baptism

If you would be thought of something that's not written, doubt it right away

Apostle Paul was a member of Juduhism before and he was called by Lord Jesus Christ to the religion that he prosecuted and the first thing Lord Jesus Christ commanded him to do is baptism.

Avoid what is evil and do what is good. Receiving Christ is receiving the Word of God.

If you know the doctrine, you should join our church. One thing would be compared to each other for you to know the truth.

The church was made an internal purpose. It's called the church and of God, not the church of England or the Catholic Church.



We can't get to know the truth if we didn't find out the truth, to know if the doctrine of Lord Jesus Christ is true or false, we need to study it first and find out. But if you are told to listen to other doctrine apart from the doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ, then i wouod call that an implication because what they would teach you is something wrong, not the right thing, they would mislead you, so it's better to study and know the truth that is written in the Bible.

The first doctrine is Baptism, as its written in the Holy Bible and Lord Jesus Christ is an example, he so much low himself to the lowest ordinary man, he let John the Baptist perform the Baptism for him and that was when He still continue with the assignment that He came to the world to do. If Lord Jesus Christ could be baptised, the one that never commit any sin, he gave us good example to follow and baptism is an act of washing away sins and become whole again like a new born baby.

Another example is Apostle Paul that used to persecute the Christians before he was called by God, the first thing that he was commanded to do is baptism, so if you think you are a sinner, I doubt you've never sinned like Apostle Paul because he was the president of all sinners in his time but when he was Baptised, his sins were washed away and he became whole again.

The church would teach you to do good works and enjoy the reward of the things you do, the doctrine would teach you to avoid evil and the real church is church of God, not the church of England or the Catholic Church.

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