Live prayer meeting held on 17/01/2023


We are sanctified and we are made Holy. Those that are sanctified are washed, and we are going to be made Holy for us to find peace, we were not called to be uncleanness, so we are washed.

For you to find peace, you should be able to do sanctification for us not to be filthy as we were before.

If you still believe in the images, the force gods, you would not find peace in your calling, the calling is to keep doing holiness is

It's not for you to direct your ways or your steps, let God do that. If you entrust your ways to God, how can you not do good works, to show that you trust in God is when you are doing good works, let us commit our ways to God.

If what you are in desire with is not in accordance of God, how would God make your desire works? The desire of every living thing in accordance to the will of God would come to pass.

God would make it happen if you trust in Him.

It's a sin to you if you are in condition and you have the power to do good and you didn't do it.


Sanctification, being Holy means the same thing, which is to be cleaned, to be pure in heart, to be washed by God and be useful for God. Naturally, we are called to be cleaned because God doesn't call those that are dirty and that is why they said cleanliness is next to being Goldy, so if you are called, know that you are being cleaned, washed and holy, it's just left to you to stay clean. Your presence in this world means you are called and it means you are holy, clean and sanctified, so what's next to you is to maintain it, if you fail to reciprocate to the word and Commadments of God, then it means you are not holy again.

You can't find peace when you disobey God, for you to Find peace, you have to be sanctified, not to be filthy or unclean because cleanliness is next to being Goldy, you have to be cleaned in both heart, soul and body.

If you are an idol worshiper, you still believe those status made with clays or iron by yourself works, you can't find peace in your calling, you have to give your all to God, you have to give everything that you are to God. All your desires have to be according to the Law of God, God won't grant your desires if it's not according to His will, the desires God grants is the one that is according to His will.

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