Live prayer meeting held on 1st January 2021

Follow the protocol laid down by the health services department due to the Covid19 and Omicron disease that spreads fast. Use hand Sanitizer, let's observe more consciousness, don't remove your mask, don't eat outside.


Let us believe in God, let us join the Body of Christ because we are members of one body, so if we are member as one body and one member suffers, we should have feel the pain.

If you are member of the body of church, then you should display the love of Christ, the love that passes to other bodies.

If a part of the body is joyful, then we should be joyful as well, if a part is sorrowful, we should be sorrowful as well.

Christ is in the church of God the house of God is the church of God, those who believe in Him would be there with Him in where He is.

Know the love of Christ, the love which surpasses knowledge.

If you are wise and understand, your manner of life is going to speak, it would proclaim the Word and honour who called you

By the Church, we will know the love of Christ

There are men that would hate you because of Lord Jesus Christ, they hate Him and those that hate Lord Jesus Christ are murderers.

By the Love, Christ is made known, so they would glorify your Father in heaven so it's high time now to proclaim the honour of the one who called us.

You would be able to abide with the law if you are under the Law.

There is something prepared for those that are ready, but you don't know when the time will be, so we can't be not ready.

Through love that Christ called the church, we are called.

Be careful of being an unprofitable servant.

What I learnt

There are anti Christ, they've been existing for long periods of time, they hate Christ, so if you are a follower of Christ, then they will hate you.

Anything that has something to do with the member of the body of the church should concern you

Be always ready because you don't know when the time works come.

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