Love Of Christ


It was summer time, people were busy in their farm. They cleaned their garden and burned the weeds. While there in the nearby grass there is a fruit that hatches its eggs as they are about to hatch.

The fire was burning louder and louder, and the fire slowly crept across the grass to the location of the fruit's nest. The chicken sees this but refuses to leave because she is better able to protect her eggs.

He counted the eggs, sacrificing his life so that he could save the lives he had saved.

Brother, ponder this. The hen that hatches has a chance to leave and hatch to save herself, but she can’t leave the eggs, she chooses to die and be burned in the fire for and for the life she would have hoped to save!

This picture brother, symbolizes the love of Christ in you and me. He burned us there on the cross for and for all creation. God loves us, and for that he gave his son Jesus to death so that those who believe and trust in him, may have eternal life!

Brother if you are blessed and touched, you have the opportunity to repent in your life, accept Christ as savior and make him Lord to take care of your soul, let him rule your life and surrender to him!

Please share this story with all your friends. This way you can bring them closer to the Lord! Amen!

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