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Hello PHOTOGRAPHY [DAC] friends. Last time we did some Food Photography Tips for beginners and today we will dig into another sphere - architecture photography. However, I will share some quick tips with you so you may get better at the architecture photography game. I want to share with you what I think is essential in this style of photography and what are "be like a pro" secrets.


image.pngDo you need an architecture photography course for making photos like this? Of course not, only some basic knowledge about photography and strong will.


Ok, you got your first camera, congratulations and welcome to the amazing world of photography. Now you can upgrade your black and white tree branches and be more artistic. Before using #prophotography all over this mighty internet, make sure you know the essentials. Get to know your camera! Read instructions and check google for hits on: "photography essentials, photography 101, photography for beginners, dummies, why my parents spent 3000 USD for my camera but my iPhone makes better photos?".

image.pngFind some interesting shapes and buildings in your own town. Architecture is much better in the cities (at least used to be) but nature has also a lot to offer. Just get out there!

Obviously, Youtube is full of courses, tips, settings videos for your camera etc. After checking some tutorials, you'll realize that there is so much more than an auto function and lately AI (Artificial Intelligence) help. Play with Manual (M), try different settings and learn from your mistakes. On the other side, photographers are dicks :) but they will help you. Use some well-known forums ( and ask for help.

Details can make architecture photography more interesting. Sometimes turning the picture around can give it some extra brains boost.

Is Architecture Photography Good for Beginners?

Absolutely! Who else in this world will wait for you 2000 years so you can adjust your settings and try some other angle? Buildings are there, waiting. Some ugly, some stupid and some, simply outstanding. Find whatever gets your attention and take shots. Make sure its details are more photographed than all Kardashians together (exclude that guy who changed gender). Be patient and learn from your mistakes. When you will find a great angle, super details, know about your settings wait for a great moment (light, action, Godzilla, unicorn,...).

The Hive Lounge where we had our Landmark72 afternoon tea has a tall ceiling with natural light. For some drama, I just tried to catch the light and chew down my cake.

The Best Camera and Lenses for Architecture Photography

Ok, take it easy. If you are reading this you don't need the latest 10 pounds Nikon with PRO lenses. Chill! "All the best" photos were taken with potato from the last century. No autofocus, no phase detection, and no 42 megapixels. You need just some decent camera with a few lenses. Try with mirrorless, which is lately top deal. For lenses, I recommend one zoom lens. This will give you a more flexible space and you will be able to learn about focal length.

For a fine composition, you can also find some frames. Here I used an arcade for example. This shot was taken in Vienna. The architecture there is exceptional.

When you will get bored with this lens, get some prime lenses. These will be sharper and your architecture photos will be more detailed. I recommend one wide, one 90+mm telephoto lens for architecture photography, and one 35mm or 50 mm if you are on the full-frame. In addition, the next purchase should be a tripod! It is essential for sharp architecture photography, though.

Black and white at architecture photography? yes, yes and yes. This is Park Square, Singapore. Inside you will find one of the best-looking bars ever - Atlas Bar.

Drama, Action or Godzilla

Buildings are just standing there and waiting for enthusiastic photographers all over the world. So, now when you know your s*** and you have good equipment you need a different shot. Don't just be there and take the same damn photo as millions before you. Of course, sometimes it will be classic, no doubt. However, you can be different, you know. Don't be afraid! Instagram will not ban you if you don't upload one spoiled white ass with Mickey Mouse ears or ice cream in a hand. Get out of the boxes and be unique. Wait for clouds, great light, other subjects, try different compositions or wait for Godzilla.

Surrounding is always a great touch in architecture photography. Here, for example, we had nice dramatic clouds and crazy crows. Looks more like a building from Lord of the Rings, I guess.

Esplanade or aka durian building is one of the most photographed buildings in the world! But with some clouds and creativity, you can make something like this. Whoever took this photo is a master-mind, right? :)


Yes, my friends, there are rules - the rule of thirds or guidelines, etc. You should know them, and after that, you should break them. Be creative, play with your compositions and catch details. Architecture photography is great for photo manipulations (about that some other time), though. Try to learn some basic photo editing programs and get creative in after production.

Don't be afraid to play with your architecture photos. Here I used the mirror effect.

As I said, try to get some action when doing architecture shots. Here I also used some photo manipulation for special effects.

Get Out

Stop reading this nonsense here, grab your camera and get out there! Last time I checked out the buildings are outside. Ok, interior architectural photography is a thing as well, smart ass. But if you don't live in Buckingham palace you need to go out as well! There is no easy way to learn architectural photography. The more photos you take, the better you get. Hmmm, who said once "your first 15.000 photos will be crap"?

When I think about Bangkok, the first thing on the mind are temples...

How Much Can You Earn as an Architecture Photographer?

What is the salary of an architecture photographer? Same as all other photography niches. You are making your price if you will be amazing and unique then there is no problem for 30,000 USD per session. If you find a buyer of course! Anyway, keep it real and try selling your stuff like real estate photography. Try to contact some hotels, bars, restaurants and sell them your photography. Learn, grow and make sure your name will be out there.

Reflection can be a great help with your composition when you are doing architecture photography

Is There a Lot of Photo Editing Work?

If you want your photo pops and give it that zing, then yes there will be some photo edits after the photo is taken. These edits aren't hard to learn and nowadays there is a lot of tools for help. Next time I will post an article about photo editing in architectural photography for some orientation.


Architecture photography is a pleasant hobby that can also be a job. Shapes, contrast, colors, textures and most important - soul. Try to get all this on your architecture photo and you will be good. Thank you for your upvotes and shares, see you next time.

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