Shooting a short film

Hello everyone before i was asked to take part in a short film re-submitting a book to our friend she was a writer and wanted to present part of the book and be filmed clip


Here we were a little cold, but there was no lack of enthusiasm, everyone was very excited about what was happening.





Right here in action... the purpose of the video is. The girl walks and sits on a bench and starts to read and tells about the inner struggle between reason and feelings and how difficult it is to shake off them and go in the right direction.



I show up as the good she's been looking for and found. It was very interesting for me to try to recreate one of the storiesthere was a lot of emotions and a show.



Frame after frame, things were going really well. Even better than expected. The clip is almost ready in time you will have the opportunity to see it and you for now remains a secret until we present the book to our friend.
The book is called Obsessed and is a collection of personal stories and dilemmas faced by the writer...

Here we are, already finished And she shares the ruminant emotions of the day...
Thank you for your time...
I wish you a beautiful and wonderful day... 🌄🙏🙂