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NFTSR & Lensy.png is the marketplace for scarce, collectable, tokenized photographs, that runs on the Hive Blockchain. You can tokenize and sell your photographs on your terms as NFTs.

New Minting Fee

Taking into consideration the current price of Hive our main token, and since the start we have believe on low prices for our users, we have lowered the Minting Fees, previously the first edition had a cost of 5 SWAP. HIVE now it only costs 0.6 SWAP.HIVE and each additional edition that used to had a cost of 1 SWAP.HIVE now costs 0.1 SWAP.HIVE.

Stock Photography is cheaper now!

Since we have lowered the edition fee to 0.1 HIVE meaning after the first one you can mint ten times as many editions for the same price.

As always we suggest you read Our User Guide and if you have any more questions or suggestion please let us know in our Discord Server


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