How to add Preferred Topics and use Community chat -(Attention Photography Community)

The Photography DAC community has a goal to one day be completely Decentralized and Autonomous. Presently I run it until tools exist to allow for decentralization, such is life.

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NEW FEATURE - "Preferred Topics"

This tool is decentralized and capable of being used on any site as soon as they develop support like has


NEW FEATURE - Photography Community Chat

Go to this page and hit the star to subscribe
You don't have to subscribe to chat there but if you do it will show up in your chat channel list.



When you WRITE posts or EDIT these 10 preferred topics will show up.
When you select one of them for your 10 allowed topics per post they will be used for the filtering system of Preferred Topics.

There are 10 topics

  1. #my-pictures = any post where you are showing off your own pictures
  2. #question = a question for the photography community
  3. #photo-news-reviews = newsworthy posts about photography in general such as photography reviews or other photo industry news
  4. #community-update = a more official update about this community
  5. #review-my-work = a call for review or an actual review of someone's photography
  6. #contest = a contest post (not very common right now)

7-9. #people-photography, #scenic-photography #animal-photography = 3 of the most popular TYPES of photography... we can't have them all because of a limit of 10 preferred topics

10- #professional-photographer = just a tag for those who photography for a living to tag and that allows users coming in to see those who may perhaps have some exciting content to share. It gets people excited about our community.

We can discuss the topics if there are any that you think users would want to use to FILTER the content. Remember you can add any topic you want to your post beyond these ones. But this is to help READERS not WRITERS so these tags should be viewed that way.

You can discuss here or on the community chat.
Otherwise feel free to find all your posts in the community


Then EDIT your old posts. and select the preferred topics


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