You Wipe Your Butt With Their Soul...


You Wipe Your Butt With Their Soul...

hey there friends,

Look at this --> :) <-- what is it? it's a smiling face right? it probably a happy little emoji sitting there giggling about something unto itself… But then it's also just a colon and parenthesis... it's our minds that then assign these emotions to it.

This assigning human characteristics and feelings to nonhuman things, is in a way Anthropomorphism. Anthropomorphism, is almost like when you look at that emoji, and you know it's just a colon and parenthe, but yet you assign a feeling and emotions thaIt a human would have. You then start diving deeper into these feelings and emotions, you encourage stories and backstories about what it's about, and what is happening.

I suffer from this a lot, I see faces in a lot of things, I see stories when looking at the stucco on the wall. It's sometimes fun but also at other times it's quite horrifying. Take for example the next series of photos.

I'm going to share them with you because I find them quite horrifying, but yet in some ways, also exciting? ... I don't know what that says about me, but let's discover together.

Today I am talking about these things.


They are moist toilet wipes, you would use to dry your bum after using the bumm gun, or perhaps clean a babies butt... We've all seen moist towelettes, and that's not the thing we are here to talk about... take a look at the face on the outside of it.


This is some sort of duck, a anamorphic creature of some sort that looks happy.... but then you rip open its face.


WHAT THE FUCK... The once happy, little duck person is now crying and very sad. You then, further have to rip the beak off their face, in order to access the sweet sweet moist towelettes below...


So now we have successfully, open the animal's face, ripped off its beak, and now, and NOW, we have to start pulling out its sole. one strip of moist towelette at a time.


We pull and pull these toilets, out of the ducks mouth. It's like we are slowly draining their soul, pulling the very essence of there being, out of them.

We pulled the souls out of this creature, just to clean our own ass. If that's not the height of some demonic deranged, derailed form of human life I don't know what is.

Eventually all that is left is a hollowed shell of once was a plump happy duck creature, a creature that was once happily laughing and playing with his other friends before being abducted by deities, and having its light ripped out of its mouth one fabric cloth the time.


I don't mean to bring down your mood today, I'm just saying that the moral quandaries I have when I use this product is pretty great, I'm just saying that what I'm doing my business, and I reach to get a moist towelette, and I have to again, rip open the face of this creature, jamm my fingers into his mouth and dig around, then yank out of bit of its sole, just so I can feel clean and refreshed... It's just too much to put on somebody... For real it's just too much.

Or is it... Or is this bit of sacrifice, something that this creature enjoys? perhaps it's part of their reproductive cycle? Perhaps I'm doing it a favor by removing it soul?

Perhaps I spend too much time thinking about the anamorphic characteristics of sanitation napkins, and how their plight might affect my mood during the day. Hrmmmm...

Anyways what you think?
You think they enjoy this or not?
Should they be set free, should I liberate them from the store shelves and set them free to run again the wild? I think that's what might have to happen...

Viva la revolución!!

Thanks for joining me today and I hope your butts are clean!





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