Karma Lounge Danang, Vietnam : The Daily Photos (An evening that went too late).


Karma Lounge Danang, Vietnam : The Daily Photos (An evening that went too late).

Disclaimer : I don't endorse any of my actions.

Hello my friends,

I hope your Sunday's are starting off fantastically. Here in Danang, Vietnam, last night was the first night that bars and restaurants could reopen again, reopen again after about five months of being locked down to prevent the spread of Covid. One of my best friends is a manager over at a place called "Karma lounge".

Karma, is one of the first 24 hour bar (lounge?) in Danang. He graciously offered a free drink anyone who shows up at 8 PM, Despite the heavy rains and Typhoon the weather outside, I was there at 7:45, and did not leave until 1 AM... Upon which time my other friend, Eric and I traveled to the "Craftsman bar" that was across town, to meet the owner, and that is when the night went south... A shot of tequila, and another drink or two... Oi.. it was a rough morning but, a bowl of oatmeal, several naps later here we are...

As mentioned on the first line - the disclaimer, I don't condone any of my actions, so don't follow in my footsteps oh young one. This is all for historical records and accuracy enter any data purposes only, so future generations can look back and ponder why someone would do that to themselves...

So let's get to the daily photos, typed out by slightly hung over content author.

The Daily Photos

Here we see the Karma lounge, the front door open backing you into its warm bosom. I also tagged this on @pinmapple https://pinmapple.com/, so you can find it in the comments section down below, if you want to know its address/GPS coordinates.


I've done a few posts about this location specifically its grand opening event, however inside it feels very welcoming and is lots of color.


Personally am also a fan of the Art Nouveau like style... Perhaps it's not Art Nouveau but I'm not sure what you would call this architectural ribbing.


These were not my drinks, I started with a rum and coke to wake up a little bit, then my friend got me another rum and coke, then we had a Negroni, then another Negroni, and another Negroni... then they were out of Negroni's, so my friend bought me an old-fashioned, which I just could not drink... that is the point we left for the next place... but were not there yet in the photos.


Surprisingly, for a very dark and stormy night, or should I say not so surprisingly, the place filled up pretty fast!


This is also something a lot of people do here these balloons filled with nitrous, or laughing gas I think... I've never done one nor do I want to... I feel like people taking pictures of themselves sucking down balloons stupid... perhaps I'm just too old and don't understand what is cool anymore?


I do say it was a lot of fun take some pictures of these drinks.


Here ảe the Negroni's that my friend and I were drinking, his is more empty than mine, then inspired me... The drain faster so we can have another...


That balloon is not a happy balloon (as pictured above) but a love balloon filled with only helium.


I also found of the little tiny paperclips.



some other friends arrived and they were seated upstairs, where we transitioned from the bar to the second floor.


Then around 1 AM it was time to head back out the cold dark windy night, to drive over the dragon bridge, crosstown, to the craftsman bar.


We stop by just to say hi but ended up having a shot of some tequila thing, then another Negroni. We talked for a while with the owner and with each other before calling it a night.


but those drinks were good...


I don't think is able to finish this last one as my face was a bit tingly, and I had to ride a motorbike about 500 yards home. again I don't condone these actions.


Dear friends, I say it every time I go and have a few drinks, while laying in bed the next morning, I grown and mone, and say never again... Swear up and down that never again I will subject myself to these earthly desires, I wake up early and do more exercise... But then, I find myself back, back in the same place, saying the same thing, singing the same song... lol. thus is life, so c'est la vie.

I hope you all had good adventures as well thank you for joining me on this one. Now it's time to go back to bed. lolz

  • Cheers




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