A walk around the Dome, Danang, Vietnam : The Daily Photos


A walk around the Dome, Danang, Vietnam : The Daily Photos

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Back at you fresh on another exciting Friday.

One of my friends The other day, offered to lend me one of their lenses That they're looking to sell. This is the Sony SEL35F18 35mm f/1.8 Prime Fixed Lens. It's a prime lens meaning that there is necessarily no zooming, but it is an amazingly sharp lens with awesome optics. Amazon for $473, My friends are offering to sell it to me for 5,000,000 VND ($220 USD), So it seems like a good deal to me.

The photos below, I took yesterday when I went out to test it. I hope to wrangle a person to be my model, and do some shots with them to experiment with how it looks with people. But so far I'm happy to say that happy with the results.

For the shots, I went to the city side of the city (Danang has the beachside and City side), to the dome next to the Sun World amusementvpark. I'm told this was (is) a conference center, However it looks as though it has fallen on some pretty hard times. It seems like a lot of young kids now use it as a hangout place, they sit and work on dancing numbers, and take picnics underneath its awnings.

So let's get to some of these photos, so you can check out how that the lens looks!

The Daily Photos

All the photos were taken on the Sony a6400, with the lens mentioned above.

Here is a picture of the area I am exploring, it's pretty much a round circular bowl looking thing.


I tried to get up close to various things as well as distance to see how the lens overall performs.


I'm not sure the sign says but I appreciate how there is a pack of cigarettes stuck to it.


Over there is the Sun world amusement park. It has been quiet for a long time now.


I think some of these steps would make a great place to do a photo shoot on.


Try to get up close to experiment with the broken effect in the background.


Also getting different angles, these photos came out super sharp! For them I was using dynamic manual focus. Meaning the camera with autofocus, then I would have a chance to manually focus to get the sharpness and the focal point where I want.


The reflection on the glass was interesting.


I tried to get up pretty close to funa as well.


Capture life slowly taking back this conference center.


Parts of it keep falling off it seems, revealing the construction that happened long ago underneath.


The color in the glass was interesting, I took a few photos of this reflection.


I could see another photo shoot happening here with maybe a model on the other side of this little river reflecting with them.


I do think I will end up buying this lens that I can experiment more with it. It does feel like a good everyday lens that I could Leave on my camera to capture the moment. I do you want to do a few more experiments though the model hopefully today or tomorrow.

As always, much gratitude and thanks for you taking time to stop by and say hi. I hope your day is awesome and amazing.





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