1 Honey Photo, 1 Banana Photo and 2 Portrait Photos!


1 Honey Photo, 1 Banana Photo and 2 Portrait Photos!

Hello my friends.

I hope that when you woke up this morning you had a nice thought in your mind... Perhaps about unicorns or dragons.

Lately I've been falling into a good groove on content creation and engagement. My day starts off whenever I wake up between five and six AM. I take the puppy dog out for his morning walk down by the ocean and try to get my head together a bit.

When I came back, I typed out this article, then scheduled it for 9:09 AM Vietnamese time (UTC +7). Then move on to the article for @DBuzz. I follow up with any engagements on that platform I need to take care of, for any additional client work I may have. Then switch back to my main account, and use the https://engage.hivechain.app/ to do my best to follow up with anyone who left me a message. Most times, my resource credits are about 70%, and I tried to leave comments and votes of about 25%, until my resource credits hit about 60% or 55%. Then I have to stop for the day to let everything recharge again.

This all takes me till about noon, where I stop and do my exercise for the day. At around 1 /1:30, then take a shower and take the puppy dog out for his afternoon walk.

I find this schedule works pretty well. The afternoon time is usually a tossup, between resting a bit or doing additional client work that I might have.

What's your schedule like?
How long each day do you spend engaging or typing content?

Well let's get the photos for today. You can venture a guess as to what they might be today but, hint, hint... The title kind of tells you all you need to know. Lolzzzzzzz.....

The Daily Photos

As the title implied above, today I have four photos for you. They are a picture of some honey, a picture of some bananas, and two portraits I've taken recently of two of my friends.

A few days ago, I mentioned trying out a new lens, and these objects and friends, are unknowing victims of my lens experiments. BAWHAHAHAHAAH... (* Cue the evil laughter and thunder strike). JK~

I do really like this honey photo just because of that amber color. It's also kind of fun to think that honey is really bee spit... we are drinking the spit of the bees... It's safe to assume then that these bee's, probably spent a whole bunch spitting... like an old West saloon and the spittoon.


I like most about these bananas is the colors. I think I could've gotten a bit sharper focus, but I still like the way they turned out the way light and volume color, makes me feel something...


This is one of my good friends here in Vietnam! I think we've been friends the longest... she's been in a few of my stories, and recently she opened an awesome vegetable and produce store in Hoi An.


Here's one of my friends, that on my trip to Hoi An, I stopped by to see. We were outside walking around and I got this photo. The gray sky really highlighted her nicely.


There's been heavy rain and wind here for the last few days, I had to cancel a photo shoot with a friend yesterday because of it. however, I'll try to do some more photos on Tuesday I think, get them to you on Wednesday ... perhaps?

In any regards and filled with much gratitude and love for you all, thank you for stopping by and checking out some of these pictures today. If I can help you with graphics or anything, please send me a message.

Cheers and Discover your creativity!




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