What the hell were you thinking?

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Every time I see a snail shell stuck to a plant, fence, electric pole I wonder what the hell were you thinking?

It is some weird force that makes them do it. I even saw them crawling up on a wooden pole (damn so many Poles everywhere :p) to join his buddies in a, what seemed to me, a group sleep.

But after a while those shells seem empty. I am not even sure if any of them survive. Just imagine being stuck to the top of a leaf right before the summer. And the summer here is no joke. Many hours of full expose definitely cooks whatever is inside.

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Snail shells aloe 3.jpg

Snail shells aloe 4.jpg

But don't think there was just one or two.
Oh no.
There was more of them...
Hundreds of shells attached the the aloe leaves or stuck between them.
And even more under the plant.

Snail shells aloe 7.jpg

Looks pretty cool for shooting purposes, right?
The poor aloe looked quite miserable too. Planted in a very open spot and neglected with no water. The leaves changed colour to red due to stress (hot and no water) and some dried up completely.

Snail shells aloe 6.jpgSnail shells aloe 8.jpg

A snail cemetery...

Snail shells aloe 2.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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