Bokeh is everywhere!

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Especially in the woods when you don't look for it.

I went to pick mushrooms. I was almost well prepared for it - I had a basket, a knife and a camera, because all the ones I did not pick, I was going to shoot.

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What I did not have with me was a rain coat and any kind of protection for the camera. Why would I have it if it was all nice na sunny when I left home...

And because Miss Weather likes to play tricks and doesn't always cooperate, soon after we got to the woods, many kilometers from home it starte to rain and I had nowhere to hide. The only thing I was trying to protect from getting wet was the camera an lens.
It survived :)

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An when the rain finally stopped everything around was so damn pretty! The un came out soon after an every drop was almost blinding. Everything was shiny - the leaves, berries, moss, mushrooms.

And the smell of rain in the woods...

You know what they say: Camera xxx euro, lens xxx euro, getting wet in the woods and smell the rain... priceless.
Or something like that :p

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The Sigma 105 is pretty good catching bokeh. I knew it already, but each time I manage to get some of the very large bubbles I am amazed.

forest bokeh rain pl 3.jpg

forest bokeh rain pl 1.jpgforest bokeh rain pl 2.jpg

Finally getting home and changing to dry clothes was pretty priceless too.

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos, graphics and text are my own.

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