Ecency is the title sponsor for SIM Racers Edge!

Ecency is sponsoring a SIM racing league and I could not be more excited! They will display the Ecency logo during the race broadcast and drivers can display the Ecency logo on their cars.

SimRacersEdge was founded in 2020 for high caliber simulated IndyCar racing.

Racing fan @brittandjosie helped create a community for them to post into. We are hoping to see Race recaps, Track reports and product reviews from their members in the new NEED FOR SPEED hive-181577 community.

Image by @brittandjosie*image by @brittandjosie"

They will play a 30 second video ad promoting Ecency during each race. . I will share that as soon as the video is completed. Finding someone with video marketing skills has been difficult. Contact me if you know someone! Ecency may have future projects for them!

SRE races are broadcast on YouTube live as they happen, complete with sportscasters and commentators.I am a big fan and have watched all of their races for the past 2 seasons.

Season 4 will begin on February 3rd.

Follow the NEED FOR SPEED community to see Race announcements and help support these exciting new members to the Hive community..

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They posted this announcement on their website at

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Image by @brittandjosie


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