Swiss Hive Meetup #2



On the 30th of September @sandymeyer and me held a Swiss Hive meeting along with @amazedme,, @miraicastel, @clau-de-sign, @bensworld, @janaliana, @amadeusthiemann and @smoothoperating, who provided us with a more convenient space. We also had a Film maker, namely @clau-de-sign and his friend to document this event. We had a good start with 11-12 People.


It's so awesome to explain this to people. It's as if a parallel dimension opens up to them and they awaken to a reality that seems more like science fiction.

Well, Blockchain. Welcome to the biggest wealth transfer in Human economic History.
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Next Meeting

Our meetings are generally every last Thursday of the Month and the next one after that would certainly be on the 25th of November 2021. After that we might discuss organising a new years event on Friday the 31st of December 2021.

Several others on hive, like @achim03, @zuerich, @almi, @felander, @carolineschell, @hivelander, @baqabond, @ivansnz and many more I didn't mention, are welcome, as you'd enrich our little gathering with your presence. The more the merrier. If any one has an alternative suggestion for an event such as a hike or excursion, mushroom hunting trip or a city walk, feel free to suggest an idea for alternative get togethers.

We'd also welcome anyone who'd like to share their experience and hold a talk on the Hive Blockchain, as I am certain that a lot of the newbies would greatly appreciate experiencing such value.

Zürich Badge

For being physically present, we awarded Badges on peakd, namely the Zürich Badge
and the Swissness Badge . Our vision is to expand this to other Swiss cities like Lucerne, Basel, Zug and Bern etc. Our Idea is open to all. You can just reach out to us on Discord at the Swiss Hive Community, or get in touch with me using Telegram @yangyanje. If you'd want to organise a Swiss Hive Meeting in your city, we'd gladly receive support for the expansion of this movement and encourage the spirit.

Swiss Hive Community

We also appreciate Delegations and will distribute votes using a community account. We currently use the Swiss Hive Badge account as our Swiss Hive community account to upvote new users, support them on their endeavours and specially encouraging them on their first posts. With motivation and good behaviour we shall make it our mission to promote good actors. Since Hive is the most powerful censorship resistant social network with a bright future ahead, we shall make it a point to convey the principles of good acting. As a people owned Network for publications, our core values will permeate amongst future Hive citizens. Whether it be for original content time stamping, giving credits for material used in publications to promote others, collaborations or citing sources and references, we stand firm for data ownership and intellectual property. We shall also inform anyone about unwanted plagiarism on our Blockchain.

Our Idea is to give 100% Upvotes to Swiss Hive users until we reach 25 people. At 25 People, we continue upvoting everyone with 75% at 50 People. At 75 People at 50% and once we reach 100 People, we will continue at 25% to maintain our voting mana.
We welcome anyone living in Switzerland or outside, to visit us at our Swiss Hive Meeting in Zürich and are looking forward to meeting you. Our events are completely free. If we're ever at a special location, just make sure you give us your hive username and we will make sure to put you on a guest list. We also have a Telegram Channel. Feel free to join us there. We always like to know who our attendees are and how many. So informing us in advance or reaching out is highly appreciated, as much as an informal visit should not be an issue either.

The Mind Force Gathering

A few years ago I had an idea for a community that would encourage positive and uplifting elements of the hip hop culture, mainly poetry, intelligent lyrical content and vocalism, visual and digital art, graffiti and video editing, musical compositions, sampling, breakdancing and martial arts, plant based food and homesteading, science, practical knowledge, philosophical questions about consciousness and the spirit. My Idea was to use 7 senses instead of the 5 elements of Hip Hop, as they transcend language and become more than linguistics, but attributes we can all cultivate. I then just wanted to create 7 categories to upvote which are: 1.Kinaesthetic, 2.Auditory, 3.Vocal, 4.Visual, 5.Gustatory and Olfactory, 6.Mind, 7.Spirit and Consciousness, combining the six.At the time, my idea was then to create gatherings where people could perform these art forms with the senses they were cultivating. I wanted to call these events Mind Force Gathering or send the participant to events where the gathering would be present. A movement. I created an account called @mind.force and was hoping to start a Hip Hop community on Hive, that is into elaborated music that deviates from the known and rather violent narrative and goes into more sophisticated, positive and elevated art forms, very present in this global subculture today.

In case this idea resonates with you, kindly feel free to reach out of leave a comment below.

Event Details

Date28th October 2021
LocationZWZ Neue Hard 12, 8005 Zürich, 5thFloor
CarryLaptop or Phone (optional)
Organisers@sandymeyer, @yangyanje

Note: This time we might just be meeting there to gather and then move to another location. The location might be around 10min away on foot.

Thank you for Reading

Best Wishes

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'Magic is like feeling interconnected to the entire universe until the edges of it's expansion, without having an explanation for it. Some call it a form spiritual enlightenment until science refers to it as entanglement. They call it time until you reach presence. A life force within, waiting to expand, tunneling beyond set patterns. ' - @yangyanje

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Ethereum, XDAI, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain...: 0x0398edefB9d18A6a7c9fe573bdeedB7797283Ae5

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