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Dear Hivemind Communities, Abundance Tribe, Liberty Warriors or Pacifists of the blockchain and Citizens of the Hive

Yesterday we had our first Swiss Hive Community Meeting, where we onboarded @amadeusthiemann, with whom I meditate weekly and amazing @smoothoperating, who studies political science and randomly joined us. He actually also spontaneously co-provided us with a slightly different but more convenient conference space in the building. Hopefully joining soon is an amazing artist and musician couple, who really made an impact on me too. I found all the attendees exceptional and I can assure you with certainty that this isn't far fetched, considering who stays on Hive. I am always so surprised at the integrity of everyone I meet here. It's always a flock of people with a very special mind set. Again probably on hive still way to early. lol


The attendees included the likes of
@miraicastel, @janaliana, @bensworld, @clau-de-sign who makes awesome films and a few more. Do check out his last one Hip Hop Jam Zürich 2021 on 3speak.


The event was organised by me and @sandymeyer, who thought it would be a great idea to create a swiss hive community and organise regular meetings and events, where we physically onboard new citizens and promote the hive blockchain locally. I think it was quite the experience, and it felt like the beginning of something great. A community, because it's just how hive works? I know of other hive members like @zuerich, @felander, @achim03, @carolineschell, @hivelander, who have been around for a while. I heard about some of you from @karinxxl, who used to live in Switzerland or from our fabulous crypto Caricature Queen @jenina619. Kindly tag someone if I forgot anyone. We'd all love for you to attend our next one every last Thursday of the month.


I had to throw in another picture of this awesome dude, who really lit me up when we met through hive. I got even more exited knowing what lies ahead. I mean me and this guy became best buddies instantly because we all share something that is much more common amongst our hive. This is him at his amazing garden and believe me, this guy is full of surprises and sincerely believes you all are beautiful people!

Did a little canvas using some spray paint in a few min before I went to the meeting.

photo_2021-10-02 02.46.20.jpeg

shadow_fw_new .png


Have you ever had the feeling that this life could just be a dream? When we dream and wake up, we don't take anything back from our dream world? I guess for some of us a dream of materialistic wealth without worries would seem quite convenient. Maybe you had a dream once where you were just swimming in money or had everything you always wished for, and when you woke up, it was all gone? When we die, we don't take anything with us from this world. Everything is ephemeral.

I often had the thought, that what will remain apart from memories when I grow older are all momentary things and events that fade in importance, yet their energy signature can be felt. What if you begin to see them?

I dream very intense. At times, my dreams seem more real than this reality we so harshly define as that. With that, I mean the kind of conformity to the monetary system and it's peer pressure on human creativity and ingenuity. The world is a beautiful place of manifestation, where we all create our reality together? I mean just think about it? Everything you have right now was your decision. You made it happen. If we would do more than believe and create the beautiful world we envision, I am sure the world would change accordingly and all negativity would drown from the sheer manifestation of the lived and realised values of a sustainable civilisation. True symbiosis with an evolutionary equilibrium, respect and empathy for other living beings and our environment. Principles based on justified actions then be evolving alongside humanities true purpose. Ethical conduct would go beyond biological evolution and towards consciousness because it's our only way to evolve as beings of love and light.

I began to have a series of dreams I also wrote about in 'Akashic Records', 'The Buddha in the Artist' etc. and I am still writing on drafts, trying to put thoughts together that surround particle wave duality and topics that my mind tends to drift into.

Most of you might already know that I am all about lunar cycles. I follow them, live by them and intuitively have sidereal synchronicities. A lot of them align me with very special people. On a journey to understand strong precognitive states that make me foresee events, before they happen, I try to make sense of it, as i'd like to rationally label them as simple coincidences. I never wanted to take a role as some oracle in my family and finally came to a conclusion that everything is causally unfolding right now as you choose to read on. Like it's meant for you to read this right now. Something does not allow me to define or temper with the forces at work, because I guess we are all a part of it. It is that and the ones in me and us that I give my entire confidence and trust in. These forces seem to respond to humble intentions, modesty and forms of mindfulness that go beyond what we currently term as civilised.

The Dream

On October 31st 2019 during the Mercury retrograde, I had a very strange dream. I saw the entire future of humanity until I came to a branch on a vascular avenue in something called an entangled spacetime junction. The Branch was still growing. A very strange sound with an echo in my own voice said parallel universes. It was like a series of frames that passed by with so many of them. Then I felt a presence. The presence of a very powerful being who had absorbed all the me's in all universes. It was me and it said: "I am your superposition". At that particular time a strong light shined in my minds eye and I downloaded myself or that being.

As I woke up, I had noticed that I only slept three hours from about 1.30 to about 4.30 am. It was by far one of the strangest dreams I ever had. Nothing was the same anymore. The sounds, my eyes.. the world seemed so oddly familiar to me, as if I knew what was about to happen. It was as if I was always there and always me but there was something more present in me now. Awakened. Imagine that you had seen the corporations, the four take over an alternative reality, amazon drones and flying warehouses, self check out counters and the future until 2050 had already happened. A feeling like you came back in time and there was still hope. Like it didn't have to be this way. You had seen it in an alternative reality, but it was all distorted like a memory that wasn't your own, yet it was you and is you now. It felt like as if you are an old man pondering in his deathbed and now you could go back in time and live it again. I stepped outside with my light tabis and noticed the bricks that everyone was wearing. I began to not only realise that I am different and how, but I immediately felt a kind of self resilience that I was tabbing into physically. I realised what I was born into. Like never before. It was as if something new was woven into my Extra Cellural martix and rewiring my body. A feeling like as if you had imaginary tentacles feeling your environment and universes of neural pathways being activated at once. I wanted more...

Care for some Tea?

Doing up to 15 hour work shifts, I was selling a special tea at a xmas market. I had developed a very strong relationship to this tea, because it was a tea that was used as money during the 11th and 12th century AD along the south western silk road. It's also the story of my avatar character in my profile picture. I chose this path to decide selling the tea in another strange encounter in 2010 upon retuning to India, meeting a jewish business man who was selling this tea. His operation was a franchise concept that could be replicated as he installed several pop up stores at x-mas markets through his warehouse throughout Europe. I handled almost everything in his business at least once ever since. Warehousing, Accounts, Administration, Sales, Logistics and Supply Chain and even changed incoterms with his suppliers. I knew quite a bit about the history of his tea, but when I first met him for my interview, I acted clueless and played simple minded.

Back to 2019, while selling the tea, I noticed that I was tending towards weakness or even submission. It was as if I had something in me that was observing this and countered it by giving me enormous confidence or who I was and where I came from. It switched my energy. Did I not only stand up for myself, but I saw a way to give something and invoke people's curiosity. Once they learned that I knew something, I stopped selling. They wanted to just experience the tea that was beyond the value of simply buying it.

Being pretty confident person by nature and very extroverted, I never quite fit in. There's so much more I want to polish and I believe it's so important to remain humble in this aspect and try to challenge oneself in every situation.

While I had a particular customer, I sensed extremely strong disdain and ridicule. I looked at the person with my mysterious dark eyes and said 'Mao Feng'. He looked at me surprised and I said : "It's the name of this Green Tea , it's used against high altitude Hypoxia in tibet. Tea traders used to buy Indian horses with it and that's how Indian horses got to china during the 12th century." I asked if he wanted to try some. While drinking it, I'd have a few customers and told them the story of how Buddhism would travel east from India this way...

In the next couple of days, i realised that I had known so much about the tea I was selling, that nothing I did in life seemed to be a coincidence. It all made sense.

I chose to be at this Hive meeting and everyone that attended did so too. It just feels very different when you put yourself there on purpose. Everything we do becomes so much more meaningful?

I don't speak as me, I speak as the hive, the community, or as @sandymeyer likes to call them 'Beautiful People'. We are all at the beginning of a new age. Now is the time that will shape the future of DAO's, community governance and sovereign individuals with freedom, liberty and prosperity, free from the shackles of conformity and free to express themselves. We have a stake in a resource that will power an entire internet of the future. One of the people.

Happy Posting everyone!

shadow_fw_new .png

"Historians of ideas soon learn----to their dismay---that their subject appears to be mathematically dense:between any two people who wrote on the matter there appears to be another"
-Graham Priest

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