The Toys were made to break, not to grow up.

One of the kids was playing inside the house, and while playing, he broke the window glass. His father came to him and the father did not hold his nerves,😡 so he take a big stick from the ground and beat his son. 😱
The son started crying and screaming and after the father stopped beating, the son went to bed complaining of fatigue and pain 🤕...

In the morning, the mother came to wake her son. She found his hands green😨... She called her husband and then took their son to the hospital
After The doctor checking it was found that the stick that hit the son had old tacks that were rusted, resulting in the poison leaking into the child's body.
The doctor decided to cut off the child's hands so that the poison would not apply to the rest of his body.
The father stood confused and did not know what to do and what to say???😣
The father couldn't help but sign the procedure.
After the child woke up from the effect of anesthesia he looked to his hands were cut off ...
Then he looked to his father and started begging 🙏that he wouldn't break or damage anything anymore, provided he could give him his hands back.😭

Maybe this story is not true ...
But the idea of this story is true.
Often we don't know how to deal with our children and we can do wrong with them that destroys part of their abilities or instills some kind of fear inside them.

After my son broke my phone and then the computer screen, I felt a lot of anger, so my wife tried to reduce my anger and she told me that our son broke a computer because he wanted to discover and learn, please not to prevent him from learning and discovering.


Yes, when we punish a child for his mistakes and failed experiences, we punish him for learning...

After two months, I was able to buy a phone, and I was able to fix a computer, and I was also able to give my son a chance to learn something new.


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