Mememetik / Memeologie / Meme-(Game)-Theory (english)



What is a meme?

The shortest possible way to convey this to someone who is completely new to the subject....
In just a few memes.... ( ;) )

It's all about information transfer. But instead of vertically, like genes, horizontally.
Every thought, every idea, every piece of information is a meme.


"Analogous to a gene, the meme has been conceived as a "cultural unit" (an idea, belief, pattern of behavior, etc.) that is "harbored" in the minds of one or more individuals and can reproduce itself in the sense of jumping from the mind of one person to the mind of another. So what would otherwise be seen as influencing another individual to adopt a belief is seen as an idea replicator that reproduces itself in a new host."

You probably know memes mostly as funny little pictures, or jokes that people like to share.

Our brains and psyches are very particular about this too... the funnier/ sillier something is... the easier it is to remember.
Ask your parents/grandparents what they remember from school... Or what they talk about at class reunions... mostly about some stupid/ funny things.
Practice, emotions and liveliness are the key.

Unfortunately, there are not only funny or, regarding knowledge, useful memes.
But also "malicious" memes, which have no direct benefit or whose only benefit is the survival of the meme.
The survival of the meme/the idea/the system is there in the first place. No matter how destructive it may be.

Because there is an extreme struggle for survival between/among all memes.

And our brain, as I said, reacts to emotions. Unfortunately, not only positives, but also negatives. In the worst case a trauma follows. E.g. a refusal to learn.

The Gnostics called these "malicious" memes Archons or thought viruses/ parasites already more than 3000 years ago and warned us urgently of them.

Maybe now you understand where the idea of anarchy, an archon, comes from ;)




It's completely up to you how you want to create your meme.... it can be just a picture, even a youtube video, or a complete character.... a song... or just a slogan (e.g. "the Great Reset; BUILD BACK BETTER" or rather the Great ReSAT? ;)) or a joke... basically anything... you are completely free to decide on the theme.
Creativity is the key. Just like in art. ;)

Also, we almost never know who the creator of the currently hyped meme is.... Another plus for anonymity and free speech.

Memes are weapons. And they are also very eager to try to suppress our memes.

We all know and have learned in school how powerful the media and propaganda have been in our history ;) and are just realizing it again....
also power must be centralized! otherwise people might wake up! ;0



What should be in a meme?

Knowledge and humor!
But even more important is a kind of duality between offensive and defensive.
The viewer has to be triggered, but at the same time the new idea has to be made understandable to him.

As an example: the great wall by donald trump.

a wall is somehow defensive, but also offensive.
It protects, but it also attacks.
of course it is controversial and also polarizing because somehow absurd... that's why it spreads through the anger generated by the opposition
on the defensive side it diverts attention from other issues ( ;) ) and spreads as a rallying cry and anthem for supporters (slogan)
but it also has some knowledge in it, because it summarizes the republican ideology in a nutshell

I hope you can see the points from the above chapter in this example :) even the humor is somehow in this 'meme' because the wall idea is so absurd... and that's why many 'image memes' sprout from it ^^

And if you think about it, almost everything Trump says is an attempt to trigger a meme ^^

Another current example would probably be Corona... but I'm not into that right now.



so let's stick with Trump :D

An energetic distortion always results in the opposite, i.e. distorted energy, distorted perception, distorted consciousness, distorted attitudes and behavior.

Something happened that caused the distortion.
The distortion became perception and consciousness because everything is conscious in some form.
The distortion became aware of itself.

The distortion sees itself and everything it surveys from a twisted, erroneous and misguided view of reality.
The distortion believes it exists alone because the distortion prevents connection with - and awareness of - higher and more expansive states of consciousness.

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