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Today I want to talk about a serious topic, product of human negligence and the cconsequences of whichare imminent and inversely proportional to the effort required to avoid it. The protagonist of today is 'Global warming'.

From the childhood I have heard about the indiscriminate use that has given it through the years to the aerosols and that, among other things of much more weight played an important role within the life time, from the ozone layer which is the one that, among other things, protects the land from the direct passage of the solar rays; therefore, its overheating.

Let's review a little history. What has been done about it?
As you know, Since the end of the 19th century, scientists are talking about Global warming, and not just that, but also have made predictions and warnings about it. This, unlike other phenomena, can not be attributed to natural changes that occurred in nature before or at least it can not be seen as a unique consequence of them.

Since the 1950s the world has been experiencing violent changes in its temperature. The increase of carbon dioxide, in addition to other factors have been incidentized in the increase in temperature by 0.6 degrees Celsius from that time. For the year 2100, scientific predictions indicate that this could worsen and would have, those who then populate the Earth, endure temperatures up to 3.7 degrees Celsius. Irish physicist John Tyndall had already shown that CO2 and H2O can cause climate changes. In the year 1938 the British engineer Guy Callendar affirms and determines that the temperature has increased over the past 100 years as a result of the increase in CO2 concentrations. The so-called Callendar effect is underestimated.

In 2008 months before its possession, the new resident of the White House Barack Obama is presented as a vigorous fighter on climate change and in 2009 China and the US are reported as countries with more emission of effect gases greenhouse (ironic, not?).

In 2017 after a long day of work in which seemingly all attendees agreed, the countries called "developing countries with the same vision" object an article of the Paris Agreement in which they commit to revising the ambition of their National climate commitments in 2018, in order to achieve results for their countries. In this same year, the president of one of the most powerful nations in the world world, President Donald Trump, breaks with the Paris Agreement for him to conspire against the economy of his country.

Many natural events have been raised for years and our planet has made it to us as a warning in the manner of avoiding even deeper evils and devastating consequences. Recently, spontaneous forest fires, floods, heat waves increasingly pronounced and greater intensity, droughts, storms and hurricanes that translate into a growth of the marejades have occurred. All this as a consequence of the indiscriminate use of polluting and corrosive factors, while many governments remain relevant to this striking fact. In 2008, an unprecedented event happens in the history of humanity. According to the New York Times an item called Experts Confirm Open Water Circling Arctic (experts confirm that there is water surrounding the Arctic), the step that until then had remained frozen, had been thawed allowing the passage to boats where traditionally you could not.

It has been tried at the level of governments to slow down the impact of global warming but the results of all agreements and who knows how many other meetings that have been done, are more than obvious, the desired effect has not been assigned. I particularly feel that it is due to the lack of a real and effective campaign against the use of the chemicals that go directly to the environment and impair it, accompanied by sanctions that impact the consciousness of the human being.

The human being, in many cases, is an excellent judge and accusator when it comes to finding blame in another being. Today I invite you to use the coherence and to think about the need to find, a real solution to this life problem. If you want a culprit, do not look elsewhere, just look in the mirror and you will find it. It is not the government only "for obvious reasons", neither the neighbor "who uses the car all the time." You are also you, who, when wanting to find your cold house when you return from work, do not turn off the air all day. You are, when you use the cell phone charger and leave it connected so as not to have to plug it up again. You are even more, when without need, keep the lights of your home on.

Let's procure from our work trenches, the school, the house; Be promoters of a more natural life. Let's reduce the waste material to the fullest. We can. Let's reuse things so that they recover their value. Let's not leave for tomorrow what we can do today ... Let's be responsible.

Thank You so much for Reading. Have a good day. 😊👍

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