Trying To Sort Out My Stuff!

The intense heat continues and I am spending way to much time procrastinating, about all the things I need to do, in order to move from here in the next few moths. I have always promoted, that less is more, that having too many material possessions, takes us away from what is most important.


Now that I have too much time on my hands, too much time to sit and think that is, I have realized just how much my girls and I have accumulated since we moved to this land. I look at some things that others throw away and in my head I have a great use for it, so I take it, not always, not everything I see, but still those few times have added up and now what we possess has spread under the truck and filled our caravan.

In my defense a lot of what I have in the caravan is the things that I sell at rastro's which are like car boot sales. Things that I have picked up and repurposed of things I no longer use. But still it is a lot and I need to decide what to give away and what I need to keep.

I hate to see any waste, to see good things that can still be used go to waste, so I will have to be sure that everything I give away will be used, I don't want it ending up in landfill! But that is also, kind of out of my control. It does amaze me sometimes what people throw away, in some ways i am grateful because I have got to have them, but in reality way too much stuff goes to landfill.

During my travels, I was always impressed how people in different countries, reused things that others would throw away. When I was living nomadically, all the food I grew, was grown in containers that I found, other people's waste. From drawers, broken baskets and buckets!

We also tend to pass up on so many opportunities in which we could be more creative and inventive.

At the moment i am still unsure where I will be moving too, so I do not know what exactly I will need. But I will definitely be holding onto all the pieces of wood that I have gathered, all which can be used for construction. There are a few of us, looking for and on which we could start a community and most of the land we have seen so far, is mostly bare, so we would need a lot of materials to build with.


Raw Sugar Free Vegan Banoffe, Pie That I Like To make
I really want to have quite a large outdoor kitchen, as I envisage creating a pop up cafe once a week. It is something I became involved in recently with some friends, they are house sitting a beautiful house near the town, which has such a wonderful outdoor entertaining area and we have had two pop up cafes there. They do the main course and I do the dessert.

We have had great feedback and it is something I would love to continue to do, but they will be leaving that house mid September, so it would be great to have an alternative space to hold it. I love to make food, especially food that nourishes us. At the last one, I made a raw sugar free Banoffee Pie and it went down very well.

But back to the land I am on presently, I really need to begin to organise my stuff, to gather what I want to take with me and perhaps find somewhere I can store it for now. I really feel like I need to begin moving my things off of the land, to do it all in stages, that way I will not feel so pressured.

So I will put a notice out soon, asking if anyone has a shed or something I could store some things in, until I find a new piece of land.

So once the heat resides a little, I will begin to organize myself more. I feel excited to let things go, to really downsize even more and let some of the things we accumulated go to people who could really use them. A spring cleaning in the Autumn!

I find in this heat, that I just have to give over to my rambling, as I struggle to write about some of the topics that I wish to spread more awareness about. So here is another post of me rambling.





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