Abundance.Tribe Bi-Weekly Question: Can Human Nature Ever Be Changed? And If So, Should It Be And Why?

I posted this question, because I was interested to see,what human nature means to others. To see if indeed it opened a can of worms for some. It is a question that I believe could be very revealing.


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I for one, am someone that really dislikes labels and hates to be placed in a box. I really, really dislike it, when I hear people say 'Oh I know the type!'
as though we can all be defined by certain characteristics or traits and that we are expected, to always just fit into to those ones, never changing or evolving.

Human Nature, by definition, is a term that has been used to try and identify what it is to be human. But what exactly does it mean to be a human? I know that there are certain things that separate us from other animals, but those things also seem to give others a reason to be placed on a higher pedestal than other beings and that is something I do not like.

To be honest I sometimes can identify more with animals, than I can with some human's, so what does that say about me! Am I any less of a human!

We seem to spend far too much time, trying to understand human behaviours, why?

So that we can justify them and put our reactions down as being a part of human nature. But nature in it's essence is ever changing and wild, so to bring human and nature together and have it translate into something so final, makes no sense to me.

Ask yourself, what does it mean to be a human? to me it is a question, that is endless. To then define what nature is, again it is almost like we need to capture both of them in order to define and understand them. But both need to be free and wild, so trying to create a term with both, when we humans are a part of nature and nature is a part of us, an endless interchanging cycle.

How could you ever try to define something that is ever changing. Doing so, places limitations on yourself!

Especially when we are naturally wild, we are meant to be wild, but instead we have been forced to conform and fit in.

I understand the desire to study things, but I do believe, that when we put too much emphasis on understanding, on studying, it can take away from really living, really experiencing life! Always chasing something, instead of just experiencing it and embracing the fact that life is about being present and enjoying each moment.

I have always found it really difficult to describe what type of person I am, whenever it asked of me. Because the person I am today, is not the same as who I was yesterday. I change all the time, life everyday changes me.

Life, is all about embracing it's ever changing flow, because when we try to hold onto something, or when we try to control it, it is then, that we tend to experience dis ease. This idea of needing to fully grasp who we are,to break ourselves down into pieces, that are dissected and cross examined. All for what?

I get it, some things about us humans are fascinating, but this desire to know, to categorize, it cuts us off from who we are. It takes the responsibility of knowing who we are, because there are others out there, that can suddenly identify what time of person you are, so you don't need to. Suddenly you fit into there box!

I see us human's as an explosion of colour, something that should never be contained, only encouraged to expand and grow. So excuse me if I do not wish to fit into any label or expectation, or define myself by anything other than who I am!

We are changing all of the time, it is a necessary part of growth and there is nothing as beautiful as watching a person blossom, to really witness them come into their own. So yes we should always allow ourselves to change, without feeling the pressure to fit into any ideology of what it means to be a human,there should be no barriers, no restrictions, just the right conditions in which we can all grow!
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