How do I Keep MySelf Grounded? (@abundance.tribe QOTW)

This is my response to @abundance.tribe's Question of the Week: How do I keep myself Grounded?


It's a good time for me to be thinking about this, what with the Olive Harvest just done, which was very 'grounding' but now being back into the crypto wonderland, which is somewhat 'ungrounding'!

What is 'Being Grounded' anyway?

According to the Marion-Webster dictionary grounded means the following:

  • To be emotionally and mentally stable
  • To be realistic and sensible
  • To be unpretentious ('down to earth' I guess, humble, even).

It's not always the case that a simple dictionary definition gets to what I think the essence of a word is, but in this case, I think this definition does a pretty good job.

These are most definitely three attributes I associate with the term 'grounded'

Personally I don't go any further than this - to some, the term 'grounded' might have an eco-spiritual connotation - i.e. someone who is grounded is connected to the earth in a deep-way, personally I don't use the concept to denote this, and someone who is like this isn't necessarily all three of the above either, especially not 'unpretentious' and 'down to earth', ironically.

So below I'm using the 'grounded' version of 'grounded', the first one.

How to I keep myself Grounded?

Meditation and soft meditation are absolutely fundamental to this -a good cushion-sit once a day for 20 minutes to an hour, and a 20-30 minute daily yoga session work wonders to keep one's mental and emotional state stable, or failing either of these, a simple, short, 30 minute walk can do the job too!

I do think a good hour a day of meditation/ soft meditation is what you need!

Cleaning and tidying - OK it is pretty basic, but keeping a clean orderly, tidy house is also a useful way of keeping oneself grounded - the physical act is like a meditation in itself, the act of cleaning, and the result helps keep the mind calmer too.

Timetables help me enormously to set realistic and sensible goals - both weekly and daily. They help me stay focussed and remind me what I CAN do every day.

Physical work It's much easier to stay grounded doing physical work - simply because you can see what needs doing, there's an end result and you're 'there' - compared to online work which is typically fraught with distractions, a constant battle to stay focussed and grounded.

Listening and asking questions rather than talking about myself - It's a basic technique to help with humility - think of others first, put yourself last, helps with being unpretentious. (Chances are you're probably not that interesting anyway!).

Final Thoughts

The thing with being grounded is that it's easier IF you do grounding practices every single day, for at least a good hour, ideally a lot more, then it becomes second nature.

The challenge is when you've become ungrounded and need to get back to yourself after too much time online, or some kind of major life-disruption.

But however hard it is to get back to being grounded, it's worth it!

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