Who Are You Living Your Life For? \\ Answering Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question.

The basic question of life is for whom, for what, and why we are living our life. Being certain about these can make our life more focused and meaningful.


But after seeing this Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question, I asked myself; 'Am I certain about who I'm living my life for?' Yes, I'm certain that I don't live for any earthly achievement, or anyone else. But then some faces come to my mind, some loving faces who I live with. I asked myself, what if deep inside I live for them but not for myself. There's a high chance that my mind accepted this unconsciously.

So who I'm living for?

For me, for my own life, for myself only.

Is this selfish?

Maybe not.

We all live for our own personal gain and happiness. Sometimes it's related to a beloved one, we dedicate our lives to serve them. But most of the time it's only us. It's not selfish but it's a natural virtue.

Then I asked myself the second question.

Why do I live for myself and not for others?

I believe, when we live for ourselves we live for others too. It comes with all the related things in life. Living for myself means working on my own happiness and gain. It's never possible to be happy with getting myself surrounded by all the unhappy faces, right? So working on my own happiness means, being the reason for others happy too.

I gain when I see my beloved one, people around me also are happy. It gives me the joy of fulfillment only when I see I can share the same with others.

But then, it's not always others but for me.


My comfort, self-development, self-care moments, mental peace is more precious than anything. I live to notice the small things in life, I live to be happy and smile for the things that matter in my life. It can be a wildflower or can be my beloved one's smile; anything.

I'm not guilty to live for myself, it never makes me feel I'm selfish. Rather I believe we all should live for ourselves. Focusing on our personal benefits can also make us notice others' benefits too. Without the surrounded people in our life, we can't live alone.

Yes, I live for myself and live with my beloved one. I also live for them. But I come first, I'm my own priority. And to prioritize this I also make sure their happiness.

I live for my feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment.



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