"In my dream I found 200,000$ in a red purse and hesitated to take it" - Dream interpretation

Excerpt: help is available to us constantly. When we don't listen to the signs that life brings to us, the dreams often bring the messages from our wiser part, the master, the soul. It is then up to us to decide if we follow the advice or leave it aside. Often we doubt - "are we ready?" - but the rule of thumb says that if we are aware of the message then we are ready!


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The dream


I am 36 years old, a woman, married and have one child.

I dreamed that I was in an unfamiliar place, but I noticed my parents' living room. On the side was a crate and I began to look for the red bag that a friend from abroad had sent me when suddenly I saw another red bag and knew that it was not mine (but I do not know whose). I opened the bag and saw a wallet made of crocodile leather with a few black dots. I could feel that the wallet is heavy. I opened it and saw stuffed $50 bills, and instantly I knew there are around 200,000$ in there. I touch the bottom of the bag and there are lots of coins as well. I go over to one of the girls and ask whose the bag is? and she answers me - Sabrina's, whom I do not know. I am debating within myself whether to return the money or use it to improve my dire financial situation. I then woke up with the dilemma, what to do?

What does the dream mean?

My Interpretation to your dream

At the beginning of the dream, you find yourself connecting to the roots, to the source of your soul (= your parents' home). You've come to this place for guidance, probably about your financial situation and how to improve it.

The dream encourages you to find your inner calling, your desire (as symbolized by the red color). When you follow the nudges of the heart, the desire that you have suppressed, the change in your economic situation (symbolized by the number 5) will come. Your passion resides in a dark place. "Dark" not in the sense of "bad" but rather unconscious, unknown. Something that although you buried deep or repressed is accessible to you!

You have a dilemma - do you deserve it? Do you deserve to have abundance? Right now, you do not seem to believe so. It seems to you that in order for you to be rich someone else needs to be robbed or poor. It sounds weird, right? and illogical but it is a belief that is within you and the dream reflects it clearly.

The bottom line is that you allowed yourself to receive an important message. Your soul-self instructs you what to do. And now it's in your hands to choose, to follow or not.

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