Bus in a dream explained + What does it mean if we have, in the real life, repeating small car accidents?

A car represents our life, the human life that we live. Therefore, when we dream that we are driving our car, in most cases, it means that in the dream scenario we are operating from our regular awareness, that is the awareness of the human being that we are. You see, the mind, when is faced with the dream world, needs to find a way to interpret the environment it is exposed to and make sense out of it. Therefore, it tries to come up with the right symbols. And so, in the dream, you are operating from your human-level awareness, you do not have a physical body, just awareness, and the mind tries to tell you what's going on. The symbol, therefore, that the mind finds in order to deliver back the "You" within the dream scenario is your own car. Hence, your car equals your human consciousness.

Sometimes you drive your car in the dream. This means that you are in control of your dreams, you navigate the events. Other times you are in the back seat and someone else drives your car which means that you allow someone else to rule your world. This may be a clue to what happens in your awake life, so you may want to pay attention to the driver. Is it your mother who drives the car? And how do you feel about that?

If a car symbolizes your human consciousness, then what does a bus symbolize? The answer is quite logical – your soul level, your expanded self.


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How so? Again, go back to your mind and remember - it tries to find symbols for what it is exposed to. If at some point in your dream you act from your soul level, which is an expanded version of you, beyond the limited human ego, then the mind tackles the concept of "expansion" and finds a way to deliver this. And if, familiar to your mind, your regular, private, small car symbolizes the limited human awareness, then the best and immediate symbol to represent something bigger, more spacious, would be a bigger car, a much bigger car, like a bus. Do you see the correlation between "expanded awareness" and a "bus"? There are no great mysteries in the dream world (at least not on the levels we speak about ATM). We just need to be aware.

Now, those of you who have once dreamed about a bus may remember that sometimes you were not alone there. There were other passengers, strangers to you. So, what does that mean? Again, go to the level of the psyche. Since a soul is comprised of counterparts, aspects, or according to the more popular jargon – lifetimes – those strange people are image representations of those aspects, those other parts within your soul, which together with you, comprise the large entity which is You.

I will leave you with this thoughts to contemplate.

The car is you!

Now, let's move on and see how the dream corresponds directly with the world we know, meaning, how the life that we live is rich with symbols that can teach us a lot, and when we understand to interpret them, we then can enhance our quality of living. I will use the car element as an example.

If we accept that a car in the dream represents our human awareness, then it will not be a major leap in perception to accept that in our awake, regular reality, the physical car which we regularly drive, is an extension of our self!

Again, our car is a physical 3D manifestation of the person that we are in the awake reality.

Therefore, what happens to our car may actually be a symbol of the things that happen or influence our human self. Specifically, if our car, while we drive it, is constantly damaged, constantly involved in minor accidents, constantly suffer from mechanical failures, it means we should closely pay attention to the way we manage our energy in our life. Do we allow other people to hurt us, to insult us, to bully us, to feed off of us? Such attitudes from other people have a direct influence on our mental and emotional balance and if continue, escalate, at some point this mental/emotional pent-up energy will gain enough momentum to leap from the ether to our physical reality.

Therefore, examine your life, and if such a thing happens to you or someone you know, on a regular basis, enlighten them. They may want to deal with this issue, internally. You see, the small accidents are an accurate clue, that allows the pent-up energy to be released. Otherwise, the imprisoned mental energy might burst in the form of a severe car accident.

Following that same line of thought - what would be in your opinion the message for us in a situation of a car accident that disrupts our routine of life? Well, again, the answer is not a mystery:


The message is to Stop, halt, examine what we do and how we conduct our lives.

There is a direct connection between the subtle world of dreams and our human daily awake reality. We just need to open our eyes.

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