What does Honor mean to ME?

We first hold respect in our own eyes before we start holding onto others. It is rightly said that honor and respect is earned and not demanded and that will only happen if we find value in self first before expecting it from anyone else.

How Do I Honor my Self
Personally for me, keeping my stature high in all ways means a lot to me. When I say stature it is just not about my external status or image in front of everyone. The life that I have is a beautiful gift from the Universe and I need to be grateful for that and nurture it in a manner that my Soul, body and being feels honored to be living this life. When we honor something we show a behavior of gratitude, respect, care, love, so it is important to first have all of these feelings imbibed for self, before expecting it from others or before showing it for others.

Being Conscious and Mindful about Self behavior is the way I nurture myself. Everyone around us has their own capability of thinking and they will perceive us the way they want but what matters is how I perceive myself. My Values are not fluctuating based on other's judgement about me. Am I proud of my own-self, am I being able to look into my own eyes and say Yes this is ME and I am proud of ME, or do I feel ashamed of myself, do I feel unsure of what I am saying and what I am doing. If that is the case then I need to close the doors and do some self-assessment.


For me Self honor is just not about the prestige, but it is about living every part of my life mindfully. My body, when I do not exploit it with toxic foods and lifestyle, I honor my body, my mind when I do not cloud it up with negative thoughts and emotions I honor my mind, my soul when I nurture it with love and care I honor my Soul. Every part of us needs that honor to feel whole and abundant. It is an integration and self nurturing cannot happen in isolation. Does every part of me feel Good? When I feel the wholeness, that's the time I really feel honored about myself and I feel the pride of living this life fruitfully.

What Do I Do to bring this Honor to myself?
Standing up for my own self, being able to voice my opinion, not getting out of control, my confidence, my ability to accept my weaknesses, keeping up to my word, not wavering, not trying to please others, can all help me in developing my Self Respect and being in control of myself.

Self-care - A small word but with a whole lot of things to do. Starting from taking care of my Physical body, Mental Body, My behavior towards self and other, lifestyle and a conscious living. So be it Meditation, Yoga, Right Diet, Right life habits, it's about following all of these for the wholeness that I would expect for my self, to feel complete and to be grateful for what I have received, and that is where I truly bring Honor to the gift of Life that I have.

When I am able to look into my own eyes and feel proud of what I am, will I be able to honor myself. Responsibility, Rights and Respect go hand in hand, when we are able to merge all of these together harmoniously can we become our own masters.

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