Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question - What does Living Consciously mean to me?

Our Life becomes what we shape it to. Even if we are not on the right track it is never too late to get on to the right track of life. But the whole point is to come to that level of realization and raising consciousness to understand and differentiate between the right and the not right choices of life. We all create our own realities with our own understanding of life and our thoughts. So what may mean whole to me may not be of much relevance to another person.

These are personally my values to a Conscious living. It may not be the same for everyone, but to an extent I feel these are some important perspectives to life. While I may be mindful about my self but we are living in times where we cannot ignore our environment, when I say environment it means everything, like people, our surroundings, our nature, our communities...

Think beyond Self- There is no important virtue then that one of Kindness. No one can teach us to Love, to be in Peace, to show kindness to others. These are our own state of mind which reflects in our nature and character. When we expand this in our own consciousness and then extend this consciousness beyond us life truly becomes meaningful.

Being Passionate about whatever I am doing - I feel if you do something with full passion you feel accomplished and fulfilled and level of contentment will be there. Happiness will exist when the person feels contended with life. We need to be true to our own self. Manipulating our feelings and desires by doing what we do not feel good about will not bring any happiness.


Living with Values and Ethics- I believe when a person does not give importance to values in life that person is living a very shallow life. The one with the intention of deceiving self and others. Lack of integrity, morale values give a very lose character to the personality. If I want to be treated respectfully, I need to hold some values to be worthy of it.

Nurturing my physical, emotional and mental body - A simple line but loads and loads to do, if we want to set this straight. Nurturing physical body comes with providing the right kind of nourishment to the body, the diet that is healthy for the body, the lifestyle that brings more energy to the body. Doing regular Yoga, Meditation, spending good time out in the nature. Releasing fears, phobias, unnecessary attachments will help boost the mental and the emotional body.

Living Consciously brings wholeness in life, and Wholeness is not about perfection, it is the integration of our whole self in totality, it is embracing our broken parts and nurturing them to light. There is never a complete positive or a complete negative, there is a little bit of both in everyone, just the ratio varies. The one who denies lives in pretense.

The beauty about living Consciously is that one first needs to expand it in the own energy field and then extend it out, only when one raises own consciousness and expands it can it be extended to on the outside in our surroundings and for people around us.

We all create our own realities with our beliefs, actions and thoughts. I always want my reality to be from a place of Love and Joy. It is a gradual process of raising the consciousness, which needs to be done with a lot of determination and faith and most importantly belief in self. Meditation is one important tool that will aid us in raising our consciousness.

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