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I have always very strongly and powerfully believed that Words carry a lot of magic through the vibrations that they spread out, and when the words are used in the right manner anything we desire can be manifested in life.


It is a fact that continuous repetition of words does impact our subconscious, and that's what the main stream media and the governments keep doing, they keep emphasizing on messages that they want to imbibe in the societies strongly till the time people actually starts believing into them, and we have see the results of it in form of fear, anxieties and negative emotions in people. So if this can be used to invoke negativity then why cannot it be invoked to create positivity in life.

I always desire to hear positive words and make my statements also in a positive manner. I strongly believe in affirmations, and I keep doing that all the time in my mind. The times that we are in right now, we need to hear positive words more ever than before. The words that I would like to hear at this moment are
Order out of Chaos
Optimal Health
Wellbeing for all Humanity
Abundance of Love, Joy, Peace, Prosperity, Good Health for the whole of humanity and Mother Earth

One thing we need to remember that we do not live in isolation, however strong we are, we still live in this society and have to be a part of it. Being a part of it means our wellbeing plus other's wellbeing as well, and that can only come when we all move in a positive direction. If we think that I am positive and I do not care about others, that will not work. Words are continuously flowing out and spreading energy into the Universe, hence being mindful holistically is so important.


There are some words that I need to hear in my life. Some words that I would personally want to hear for my self in my current situation is on my land deal that I am working on. It is my dream project, where I would like to go off grid and also start my own wellness center, for which I have mentioned many times in past in my blogs. I would like to hear that "The Deal is signed and Closed with the best terms and in the best interest for all involved."

Let me share one tip with you all on how to make words work for you. Our subconscious gets programmed and reprogrammed with what it experiences and what it keeps hearing. Since the time we are born the programming begins and somethings get so strongly and deeply ingrained in us that they just become us, only till we come to some stage of realization where we can look at things in a neutral manner. This is what I do now, I record my affirmations that I want to happen in my life and the change that I want to see within me. When I go to sleep I turn the recording on and I put it on a loop so that it keeps playing. I switch on the flight mode in my phone and then start the recording, and I allow it to play all night.

If the recording is not convenient then one can also download affirmations videos from youtube and then play it through the night. I find it very calm and soothing and also I get very good sleep, with those positive words playing softly. Yes but if you are one who cannot tolerate little sound also while sleeping then this may not solve your purpose.

It is high time that everyone understands the importance of protecting humanity and that will only happen with the right intentions from each and every single soul on this planet. Hence one should follow the path of Right Thoughts, Right Words and Right Deeds without any dichotomy.

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"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love"


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