Abundance Tribe Bi-weekly Question - What Freedom Feels Like To Me

Anyone would say that freedom is being free from something or somebody, being able to do whatever one pleases to do without restriction, having a total control over oneself and being in charge of any situation concerning one's life.

All it's meanings are right and I agree to the all of them but then, Can one be totally free? Just a question I've been pondering on. I may be free in so many aspects but there are a few aspects I find myself tied with restrictions and fears... That isn't total freedom.


We've heard of so many popular stories about freedom especially the one that Nigerians got from the British government. From the look of things right now in this country, the freedom we once celebrated is being abused and taken away from it's Citizens. We now hear people hoping and praying for a better government but things are only getting worse. We were free from the British government but not free from ourselves.

And this has made people to find freedom in whatever they are doing. I don't know where and how you feel your freedom but to me... Freedom is me thinking freely and having total control over my mind to do what makes me happy in this time of despair. It's never easy to control one's mind but once you can, you'd be free indeed.


A controlled mind find peace even in a disturbing situation. And being peaceful is one hard thing to do when everything is going against peace. I've found myself in such situations a lot where I let fear take the better part of me that I would almost even loss my mind, those moments felt like a battle that I must win and it's victory is freedom to me.

Freedom makes me feel like


  • Choosing what I want to do with my next minute
  • Be happy if I want to
  • Skip classes if I want to
  • Chat or sleep all day
  • Write on my blog anytime
  • Take walks if I want to
  • And many more

Yeah, I do feel the freedom to do all that but I must confess that I haven't felt that freedom in something I love the most - Singing without fears.
I have the freedom to take the stage and do whatever I want with my voice but my mind isn't free enough to bear the tension and responsibilities that comes with it. But I believe once I overcome it, my freedom will set in and I'll be living a more free life than now.


Can one be totally free? Controlling your mind will make you free totally, you get to be conscious of whatever goes in and out of your mind, you let your heart lead you, you fight your fears and accept a total freedom even where seem too disturbing to be free.

I feel free but I want to be totally free, I'm working towards that and I hope to affect lives with a positive freedom. Yeah, freedom sometimes could have a bad effect on someone else's freedom... In regards to a prisoner who was released but goes out to take revenge. His freedom is a threat to someone's freedom, too bad.

Freedom is a sweet privilege if we would learn to feel it by having total control over our mind.

Thanks for reading!!!

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