You have held onto the past for too long.

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You cannnot keep thinking and thinking about the past and keep complaining about it , it still cannot change the past which already occured...still holding on to the past will only stop you from moving forward so it is time you leave the past and focus on the future and make the future better and learn from the mistakes made in the past..

Well I know that many of the things which you did in the past was what led to your current present or current situation but you cannot change the past anymore , just focus on the future which is still within your reach and ensure that your future is great and would make you forget all the pains you experienced in the past..

If an individual keeps dwelling on the past, it will make such individual to experience difficulties while trying to access the future..

We have alot of people who have not move forward in life because they keep holding so much on to the past and they are not ready to let go of the past and move on , holding on their past have hindered their growth in life and limited their achievments in life..

The past is supposed to be like an experience which will you can learn lessons from , you should not allow your life to stay stagnant because you are still so attached to your past...

Because you have committed mistakes in the past do not mean you can rectify it at the present and have a great future.. you can still change your story and become a great person in this life , you cannot become great if you refused to move on from the past..

Your thoughts should be on the present and how to make your future bright , you should not feed your mind with the kind of thoughts that still rely on your past, you should stop living in the past because it will not make you to get progress in life..

In life , you cannot change the past so you need to accept that reality and begin to understand that the good news here is that you can still make your present and future to be wonderful no matter what your past was or how you treated your past..

It is better for you to focus on what you can change instead of focusing on what you cannot change anymore..

The past cannot be changed anymore, move on from it and focus on what you can change which is your present and also which is your future...focus more on the present and just use the past as a guide to ensure that you do not make some certain mistakes which you have made in the past...

Relying on the past would make you to become fearful of the future , when an individual is fearful of the future , it will make it difficult for them to succeed in life and it will prevent them from achieving whatever greatness they could have achieved in life..

If you want a wonderful life , then you have to move on from the past and focus on the current situation you can control..

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