We're 100 years or less from Anarchist Star Trek

Most people get so caught up in the here & now (actually the past by the time your brain has registered it), and so it's very hard for them to zoom out, looking at the long-running trends, and get a glimpse of what's coming down the pipeline for humanity.

I don't mean 2021, 2022, or even what's happening in the next 5-10 years.

I'm talking about what's happening in the next few decades, the next few generations, the next century or two.

In the long run, it seems to me that technological advancements alone (communications, quantum computing, AI, 3D printing, molecular engineering) will shift the world's "economy" so drastically that the old system of control & authority doesn't have even the slightest chance of surviving.

Soon enough, diamond will be the standard for windows, windshields, glasses, and more - because it's a simple repeating carbon pattern.

Every community will have a combination recycling center and 3D printer library, where they can dump their waste into various chutes on the back of the building, then walk around the other side and print that matter into whatever it is that they need now.

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