Getting Ready to Print More Zines... and Maybe a Book? #LookingForInput

Hello beautiful humans!!

The sun is coming back to us here in the northern hemisphere! I can feel that particular color in the un-obstructed northern sunlight that just feeds my body!

Anyway, it's been two years since I first got my 5 zines printed. 200 copies of each. Most of which I loaded into some giant luggage, and lugged (see that 😅) down to Anarchapulco.

It went off wonderfully! I only had about 40 copies (or less) of each zine when I left Acapulco, and I had already gotten tons of great feedback. I included a page in the back full of QR codes for crypto wallets, and explaining that these booklets cost me about $1 each (actually about $0.30 more for the ones in Acapulco because of that luggage fee.)

I gave anyone who was interested the whole set of zines, or whichever one(s) that person was drawn to, often giving a brief description of the Gift Economy.

Last time I printed 5 different booklets, at 5.5"x8.5" and 24-36 pages each. Those ones were:

  • Real Life: The Role Playing Game
  • Capitalism: Exploring Markets, Competition,Incentives, Ownership, and Freedom
  • So You're an Anarchist?: Essays on Personal Freedom, Escaping The Matrix, and other Radical Ideas
  • Mind of a Wanderer: Essays on Manifestation, Trust, Service, Storytelling, and Love
  • The Rainbow Gathering: Five Decades of Beta-Testing Anarchist Society

This time around, I'm thinking I want to go bigger, at least with some of it, and make something more like a book than a zine (bound instead of stapled, 100+ pages), but I haven't quite decided... so I'm here to ask for your help.

I've been going back through my old blog posts, of course starting with the ones from the last two years, but also taking a look at some of the ones from pre-2019 that I just didn't print this time. I'm sort of putting posts (or sections of posts) into little piles, based on a particular theme, subject, or style. So far, the piles I'm looking at include those first 5 zines (some of which I've already updated anyway), and:

  • Talking about words
  • "Conspiracy Theories" (My We're All Conspiracy Theorists, plus parts 1 & 2 of Down the Vaccine Rabbit Hole, and a few others)
  • Crypto Stuff
  • Neither Left Nor Right (environmentalism vs climate change, right to bear arms, and probably rolling in the whole "capitalism" zine)

The thing is, I also kind of want to make a book, or multiple books. For some reason, I feel like holding 2 books (bound 120 pages), feels like more of an accomplishment than holding 6 or 7 zines each with about 40 pages.

Haha! As I wrote that, I realized I can totally do both. I'll print zines of the things that work best as stand-alone topics, and which are somewhat more introductory (Rainbow, Real Life, Conspiracies for example), then also print one book, that includes all the zines, and a bunch of other stuff, like special edition features or whatever.

So... ya.

What are your thoughts?

The big plus side to zines is that they're so small, cheap, and people who don't read books still seem willing to take them.

With a book, I can feel accomplished :-P But really, being able to hand somebody one item and basically catch them up on my years of writing, is pretty awesome. Also, the price per page goes down the bigger the project.

Should I stick to the more red-pill/black-pill stuff, the super useful stuff, or wander into things like my "Let's Talk About Words" series, "Sunday Cinema Reflections," etc?

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